Jack Frusciante è uscito dal gruppo

Jack Frusciante è uscito dal gruppo

Alex, a high-school boy fond of rock and punk music, falls in love with Adelaide, who shares his feelings but doesn't want to get too involved because she will soon leave for studying in ...

Alex, a high-school boy fond of rock and punk music, falls in love with Adelaide, who shares his feelings but doesn't want to get too involved because she will soon leave for studying in ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Betsy F (us) wrote: I highly recommend the book

Aaron C (mx) wrote: Trite time-travel story of a 19th-century samurai transported to modern Tokyo, and taken in by a simple mom and her 6-year old. The pattiserrie bent was interesting though, as were his kitchen/knifing antics.

George B (fr) wrote: The movie itself wasn't very interesting to me. The ending was decent though.

Kevin M W (es) wrote: The presentation here is at first questionable. It begins with a look behind the wizard's curtain and we are shown a bit about how what we are about to see was constructed, recreated. But then the actual documentary, like a roller coaster at the apex of the highest point, truly begins, and the mere facts of this story alone are enough to terrify. The pictures serve to put you in the place, allows one to see with one's own eyes, even though you become increasingly aware that the producers have wisely chosen not to show all of what was committed in China then. Not for the faint of heart this. Two eyewitness accounts will burn into your memory forever.

Erin C (fr) wrote: Like others have said, it has a "Saw-like" feel. Not overly shocking, except for one scene that I will be happy to never watch again.

Nonni (kr) wrote: A brilliant roller coaster of both hilarious and tragic. Had me wondering about the meaning of life one minute and orange juice dripping out my nose the other. Very surreal but sweet. I just asked a few friends of mine this week what the movie was that everyone in Denmark knows? They all replied with one voice: "Blinkende Lygter!" Now I know why, truly a movie you will remember.

Aaron G (kr) wrote: Though mostly well-acted, the editor seems to have fallen asleep halfway through... as did I.

Mikael K (us) wrote: This is a rare example of a very standard romantic comedy that is made with just enough ambition to give it some meat and potatoes to compensate for the sugar and spice.Surreal, funny, sexy and cute, yet touching, real, ironic and smart. The dialog is exceptional and the acting is suberb, with Patrick Steward's flamboyant performance stealing the show. This trekkie digs.

Kan R (de) wrote: 60%-The first movie I have been seen in theater. The ticket price was about 20 Baht.-Not much surprised but I love many quote of this movie"awakened one".

Private U (es) wrote: It's a swingin' 60's sex-capade! Actually, it's pretty aggravating.

Kenya A (ca) wrote: This is one of those cult classics that if you are an avid Madonna fan you have seen at least twice. I probably have seen it about 50 times in my life, and it never really gets old for me. It's 80's to the max and no one in this movie would win and oscar for their acting skills. But, I think it's not supposed be one of those kinds of movies. It's just fun, no more, no less. I also happen to love Madonna in this movie, her style, her attitude, the works. The plot is totally unoriginal, I mean really, amnesia...how over played is that! But I would still watch again for the 51st time. It's just a cute movie.

WS W (it) wrote: Thought it was something very big deal involving some kind of huge international conspiracy... no complaints though.

Justin B (nl) wrote: People are too hard on this. It's obviously pretty dumb and not scary in the least but it is very dark in tone with some unsettling concepts. Creative and competently assembled.

Simon C (es) wrote: Fuck you, it's funny.