Jack Irish: Dead Point

Jack Irish: Dead Point

Jack Irish is thrown into a world of club owners, drug dealers and killers when he is hired by a judge to find a mysterious red book.

When a high profile judge commissions Jack Irish to locate a mysterious red book, Jack is thrown into a world of sexy club owners, drug dealers and unhinged killers. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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DaMarcus B (au) wrote: Mannn... can't believe I watched this. . The fight scenes that I wanted to see are apparently in the one called Tai Chi Hero.

F B (ca) wrote: I can't think if anything nice to say. 1/2 star for the opening sex scene 1/2 star for the sponge bath scene1/2 star for the praying mantis.

mark d (nl) wrote: ack Goes Boating was nominated for four major awards in 2010.[16] For his performance as Clyde, John Ortiz was nominated for a Gotham Award in the category of Best Breakthrough Actor.[16][17] The award went to Ronald Bronstein for his performance in Daddy Longlegs.[18] The film was also nominated for three Independent Spirit Awards.[16][19] John Ortiz was again nominated for his performance in the Best Supporting Male category but lost to John Hawkes in Winter's Bone.[16][19][20] Daphne Rubin-Vega was also nominated for her performance as Lucy in the Best Supporting Female category but lost to Dale Dickey in Winter's Bone.[16][19][20] Robert Glaudini was nominated in the Best First Screenplay category but lost to Lena Dunham for her screenplay Tiny Furniture.[

Pandu H (us) wrote: A love triangle that makes one keeps on guessing who's going to end up with who. One may miss completely more subtle layers of the movie: what each characters has gone through, and small gestures that express feeling towards each other. A well made film on a recycled plot

Dan P (fr) wrote: What can i say, I laughed quite hard, this film is accidentally funny! It features a cryptozoologist (?!? - I think this film failed because US audiences couldnt handle 6 syllible words), on the hunt for nessie, who killed his father. Thats right. nessie turns out to be the guys dad - who knew! That said, its good romp, somewhere between Tremors 2 and Anaconda, thats worth watching for the awesome CGI. Truly excellent. Watch out for the explosive magnetite!

Paul S (de) wrote: More enjoyable than I thought it was going to be. Worth a watch.

Kevin B (au) wrote: A handmade love-letter to the low-budget horror classics of the 70's and 80's.

Ryan B (ru) wrote: i suck at dancing. hehe

Dalen D (us) wrote: I personally don't find this movie terrible, but it's not that good. I see that it was trying to be modern, upbeat and exciting, but it is more like "meh".

Mark V (ru) wrote: I enjoyed this film, & give great credit for the bringing in the deaf into the hearing ,& visa-versa. Marlee Matlin is a most gorgeous woman. William Hurt does a good portrayal as a teacher ,too. Although, would have liked to see more classroom scenes, with the rest of the charecters . The film was too short for the story . Although, you need to allow the lapse of time, also a little poorly indicated. Yet, the base of the story, I believe, is you can overcome anything, when it comes to love . Love does not need sound, sight, or even touch. It is just there , & you know when you feel it, inside . Not a touch feeling, but a heart feeling, as well as thought , almost, as if you and only you, are in a different time & space . Only wishing , to bring the other person , in with you. As I said, I believe the film, is too short for the story . This would have been exellent as a book . To expand a little more on the story . Did you notice, that at the beginning, William is takeing the boat to & from the island ? As if to say, He is entering her world of scilence, every day ? Yet, He tries to bring her , into his ? Then , towards the end, they are together . As one .

RJohn X (nl) wrote: This has got to be one of the worst Egyptian Evil tomb desecration curse movies ever. And that is saying a lot considering.There is something about blue lasers making some jerk blind for a few minutes, sand in the bedroom, dumb snakes, uncaring parents, possessed kids i guess, and something about a plastic charm bracelet being the eye of evil. The best part is the soundtrack which alters between beeping screeching and sexy sax solos that really build up to ominous. Well, not at all, which is why they are so overpoweringly incongruous and silly. The next best part is the fact that they bothered to dub in english actors over the heavy italian accents, but never bothered to fix the horribly dull and painfully banal screams of victims. The aaaaaaaaughs are as embarrassing as the strings holding up the stuffed bird attack that ends the movie. Yep you heard that right and I am not repeating it.

Adam S (br) wrote: Solid newspaper flick directed by Fritz Lang (his penultimate American film), with Dana Andrews as a Winchell-esque TV man caught in the middle of a murder story, and power play involving Vincent Price, George Sanders, and Thomas Mitchell. Those four alone are worth the price of admission, and Ida Lupino's here too!

Anthony C (it) wrote: Bambi is just as visually beautiful as all the classic Disney animations, but its plot never brings any sort of interest to the table, not even in the allegedly emotionally heavy parts.

C S (it) wrote: This movie inspired me to love history. Sure it takes creative license with some facts. But it's a great film. Wonderful songs b

Greg W (kr) wrote: another fish out of water tale

Daniel C (it) wrote: Solid four. It's a great story, although fictional, which is very real the entire length of the film and puts a face on the lives of performers with the USO.

Jim F (de) wrote: This is my idea of comedy. Absolutely ridiculous for 90minutes of good stupid comedy. I just love the stupidity and Macgruber's constant sex references and obvious closet gay stuff. "U can suck my dick, i'll suck your dick, i'll let you fuck me in my ass. You can watch me fuck something, i'll fuck anything you want, what do you want me to fuck?" lol lol

Movie B (jp) wrote: A fun and funny throwback.