Jack-Jack Attack

Jack-Jack Attack

The Parrs' baby Jack-Jack is thought to be normal, not having any super-powers like his parents or siblings. But when an outsider is hired to watch him, Jack-Jack shows his true potential.

The Parrs' baby Jack-Jack is thought to be normal, not having any super-powers like his parents or siblings. But when an outsider is hired to watch him, Jack-Jack shows his true potential. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Damarys R (de) wrote: Si alguien vio esta movie , me puede explicar el final?? me quede bruta!!!! a mi encantan este tipo de peliculas ,pero yo como que no le veo sentido.....

Thomas J (br) wrote: Well acted and asks some questions more people should be seeking answers to.

Tobias E (de) wrote: Colin Farrell er virkelig god i denne film. Det er de i vrigt alle.

John S (ru) wrote: 5 Stars. Why not.I rewatched this film last night and although it was a bit flakey in terms of the picture quality it had the much needed subtitles hard coded (for a north american crowd). Frankly, its a gem, I love this kind of gritty little drama with a shocking ending. Peter Mullan is fabulous as the eponymous Joe Kavanagh,The story is about a guy named Joe who is rebuilding his life after years of alcoholism and falls in love with a nurse called Sarah. Horrid events surround mutual acquiantances Liam and Sabine which lead to McGowan and his gang.I love the way Ken Loach brings humour into his films

Nina T (jp) wrote: The story is very cute. The quality of sound and film is not. The director and actors are good though. The ending is oddily unrealistic since the story has a very angsty and grocely realistic middle part where everything goes to hell because people are prejudiced. Still i liked it. It's nice to see middle aged women happily in love with eachother.

Denise H (kr) wrote: Two married English women (circa 1920's) decide to take a holiday at a small Italian villa. To trim expenses they invite two other women (an aging widow and a beautiful aristocrat) to join them for a month's worth of "girl time". At first the personalities clash, but as the days drift by the peace of the villa invades their minds and spirits and a slow "unwinding" occurs. First one wife invites her husband to join her...then the second wife does the same. Their relationships had been loveless and routine but upon the arrival of the husbands new sparks flicker and grow. The older widow (Joan Plowright) mellows and ceases being cantankerous. The young aristocrat (running from gawking, grasping men) finds a humble and gentle friend. A delightful film that should be savored and enjoyed again and again...

Jarrette P (ag) wrote: I liked this movie. I dont know why most people dont. I was a more passive movie not filled with 2 much action. But It had a good plot and I and wanted to see the ending which I admit wasnt good.

Gordon T (de) wrote: talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk . . .oh HEY there's Laura Gemser . . . talk talk talk talk talk talk. A bunch of BIG-NAME stars and an uncredited appearance by Laura Gemser and a bunch of talk. FILMS are MOVING-IMAGES that move the plot forward to its conclusion. I know the premise: A true story of a ship carrying Jews out of Germany; the Jews can't find asylum in ANY country and must return to NAZI Germany. But by watching VOYAGE OF THE DAMNED all you get is talk talk talk . . . talking heads. . . . and Laura Gemsar now, Laura Gemsar IS EMMANUELLE # Emanuelle nera orient reportage (1976) ... as Emanuelle # Eva nera (1976) ... as Eva # Emanuelle in America (1977) ... as Emanuelle # Suor Emanuelle (1977) ... as Emanuelle # Emanuelle Around the World (1977) ... as Emanuelle # Emanuelle and the Last Cannibals (1977) ... as Emanuelle # La Via della prostituzione (1978) ... Emanuelle and EMMANUELLE is AWESOME . . .you are not TRULY REALLY "INTO" movies if you are not INTO LAURA GEMSER MOVIES!!!!

Indira S (ag) wrote: all i get is that Barbara Rush was damn beautiful :)

Dana W (mx) wrote: It is what it intended to be.

Sarah P (it) wrote: I adore this movie. It was hilarious and honest. Donna (Slate) was an amazing character that is still trying to work things out in life. She goes through some common issues such as a break up, difficulties with her mom, and waking up after a drunk one night stand. The entire time between the doctors visit and the abortion she was not torn between to have it or not, it was whether she should tell Sam (Cross) who is the father. She constantly pushes him away until she finally confesses in her comedy act making a heart felt declaration. Even the whole encounter with her mom, which turned out to be understanding and loving, didn't question the abortion. A strong feminist film that reflects the realities of the time and the necessary options women need to fight to keep.

Steve M (ca) wrote: The Devil's Hand (aka "The Devil's Doll" and "The Naked Goddess") Starring: Robert Alda, Linda Christian, Neil Hamilton, and Ariadna Welter Director: William Hole, Jr. Good-guy Rick Turner (Alda) is lured into a Satanic cult by telepathic temptress Bianca (Christian). When he discovers the cult is responsible for his fiance's heart-trouble via a voodoo curse, Rick must choose between the cult and true love. But the voodoo-doll making cult leader, Frank (Hamilton), has ways he believes will keep Rick with the devil worshippers. "The Devil's Hand" has some interesting aspects, and some potentially interesting plot developments (the journalist who has infiltrated the cult, the cult's ability to infitrate hospital staff, the true sorcery involved--even if Frank uses stage magician tricks to have the demon god "pass judgement" during ceremonies), but none of these are really explored. For the most part, this is a woodenly acted melodrama where the charcters are motivated to take actions for no reason other than the script says they must... except for the black cultists; the one beating the voodoo drum and the one who simply HAS to dance whenever the beat is on. Clearly, they're motivated by natural rythm. (And even taking into account this film dates from 1961, the racist stereotype was grating here, particularly since the cult is established to be worldwide, what with Bianca encountering it in Tibet). I say just let your fingers walk right by "The Devil's Hand".

Nn S (kr) wrote: Not sure what this was? A horror? A murder mystery? Whatever it was, it was only watchable because I was so tired.

Hayley B (us) wrote: unrealistic to the max, didnt care about the ending