Jack McCall, Desperado

Jack McCall, Desperado

Jack McCall is a Southerner, but joins the Union Army in the Civil War. When he is tricked into giving out the location of headquarters, he's tried as a spy and sentenced to death. He makes...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:76 minutes
  • Release:1953
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:civil war,   gunfighter,  

Jack McCall is a Southerner, but joins the Union Army in the Civil War. When he is tricked into giving out the location of headquarters, he's tried as a spy and sentenced to death. He makes... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Alonso A (it) wrote: Stylish, visually outstanding, ambitious in its narrative, and truly making that ethereal feeling immersive, this film still has to deal with poor acting, and being quite tedious at times, and definitely overlong.

Ben B (us) wrote: you know how you get some films that are so low budget they are brilliant. This isn't one of them

Jennifer G (au) wrote: Jason Behr...so hot in this movie!!!

Adam R (de) wrote: (First and only viewing - 4/10/2010)

Tiberio S (us) wrote: FULL-LENGTH REVIEWAki Kaurismaki lights the proletariat life of sanitation worker Nikander in blue without desaturating the rest of the color palette, in an instant telling us that amongst a depressed, economically deprived lifestyle during Finland's period of liberalization and creation of a welfare state, individuals existed with ambitions, desires, and emotions. Shadows in Paradise is a romantic comedy that shows what it's like for relationships to develop on the bottom rung of the economic scale.Kaurismaki's greatest talent is setting a film. He designs the world of the proletariat rather obviously with flat, depressive surroundings. The film opens metaphorically on a steel blue garage door; welcome to the cold, hard life of the blue-collar, and the door opens and in walks the garbage men. The following montage quickly trains the brain to get an idea of Nikander's daily routine: picking up garbage, eating silently amongst co-workers, smoking cigarettes, driving trucks, and dumping garbage.How does a man like Nikander convince a woman to be in his life? That's the challenge he faces in meeting Ilona, a grocery clerk who is equally average in appearance and lifestyle next to Nikander. But like most women, she is not satisfied with such living, and she has her options open with a boss in upper-management who is interested in her, and who can afford to take her to nice places, dating with a greater sense of confidence, class, and conventionality. Cinematographer Timo Salminen changes the lighting in such scenes where we get a glimpse of the more fashionable side of life, using a wider range of colors provided by the rest of the design team. Kaurismaki makes the point with this film, as well as others, that being a working class hero doesn't necessarily make a man out of someone, but that a woman does make a man. Kaurismaki's viewpoint of humanity's potential is romantic, but the pessimistic view of the working class may come off as more insulting than empathizing to those responsible for the growth of a nation. But as a technical achievement of European aesthetics, Shadows in Paradise is a well designed film.

Danny R (gb) wrote: A superior adult drama based on a true story of the Karen Silkwood case which is brilliantly directed by Mike Nichols. Silkwood, played by the amazing Meryl Streep in a riveting Oscar nominated performance is a frustrated factory worker in an Oklahoma plutonium plant. we follow her growing awareness of the dangers of exposure to herself and other plant workers, her developing union activism and intense struggle to improve conditions for everyone, and because of inadequate safety measures she and several employee become contaminated with radiation. Her death in car accident on her way to a meeting with a Times reporter and a briefcase full of evidence left many unanswered questions. Nichols painstakingly gets absolutely superlative performances from his large cast especially from Kurt Russell and Cher in an Oscar nominated performance. An impressive and moving motion picture. Highly Recommended.

Lauri S (fr) wrote: This movie makes me SO angry!