Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit

Jack Ryan, as a young covert CIA analyst, uncovers a Russian plot to crash the U.S. economy with a terrorist attack.

The film is set in the 21st Century After seeing the twin towers of New York was attacked by terrorists, the young man Jack Ryan  postponed his studying and volunteered for the front. In a military operation, Jack was injured and had to demobilize. Everything seemed to be ended but he was recruited into an elite group by a CIA intelligence officer Thomas Harper. He is sent back to school and become a financial analyst in Wall Street to track the amount of terrorists. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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DONALD A (gb) wrote: Wow. I love B movies, but this is a new low. Horrible acting, bad CGI, and poor special effects are just a few of this movies problems. That and the sad setup for Zoombies 2. Sharknado it is not. The best actor was a little girl.

Mia A (nl) wrote: This movie is completely predictable, and I love it.

Ryan F (ca) wrote: Now, I'm writing this review under the assumption that "Red" was intentionally made to be so-good-its bad, and that all the laughs at the awful dialogue, acting, and effects are intentional on the part of the filmmakers. Otherwise, "Red" sucks. So. The Breakdown: Acting: The acting is pretty bad. Truly abysmal. The only good acting comes from the wonderful Felicia Day, who is always reliable. She is in full "camp" mode to go with the completely campy movie, but she still gives the movie her maximum energy, as she puts in what is hands down the best performance. Besides Felicia, everyone else is pretty bad. The Writing: The writing isn't abysmal. But it is pretty bad. The dialogue is pretty damn awful.

Modi M (de) wrote: If only it had an ending as good as the film is. . .

John R (es) wrote: Very enjoyable. Chicken Little tries to develop his relationship with his father, and the trust of the community at large, after the sky is falling fiasco. Only his closest friends provide support as an alien invasion occurs...or is it a search and destroy? Some very good humour. Watch multiple times and you pick up more and more.

Kurt A (fr) wrote: Pain knows no limit.

Tamara H (au) wrote: I wanted to like this (it has Adam Trese and Gabriel Byrne!) but I'm not big on Claire Danes to begin with and her character was extremely unlikable. Still, the movie isn't horrid.

Piyush A (br) wrote: this is the best movie i hav ever seen in my life

James H (de) wrote: Bland and ordinary crime thriller. Not very fast moving, it most definitely has it's slow stretches. Nothing special.

Mike C (nl) wrote: 4 Solid Stars........hilarious

Kath T (gb) wrote: By far my most favourite movie that has come out of Australia. Portrays Centrelink for the bunch of idiots that they are. Very funny.

Matthew S (nl) wrote: This cinematic error is so bad it works its way around to being sorted of twisted brilliant. Silly, provocative, sexual confusion, profane, politically incorrect and just altogether wrong. Interestingly, Raquel Welch seems very, um, 'committed' to the role. And, Mae West seems lost. With each passing scene the movie gets stranger and stranger. If you make it to the end, you're likely to marvel how this mess could have been made by a major studio --- and, if you're like me, you will be ever so glad they did!

Bill T (ca) wrote: Just ok "story" of Captain Kidd here. I put story in brackets because they (that would be Hollywood boys and girls) took a lot of liberty in Kiidd's story, or at least, what we know of it. Charles Laughton is in full Laughton mode here, playing a captain with as much treachery in his voice as possible, and Randolph Scott is ok as the (totally fictional) first mate. Amusing how this film tries to capitalize on other movies.. Was Scott trying to be Captain Blood in the final acts of the film? Was this film trying to be too much like Mustiny On The Bounty? Proceed at own risk.

Phil H (es) wrote: The first film to get Arnie on the way to the man he is today, and the first of three very similar fantasy flicks. Based on a pulp comic character from the 30's this film franchise turned the idea on its head and into a cult spanning many different formats and influencing other fantasy films, it also helped some videogames along the way.The plot is simple, Conan is taken from his family who have been conveniently killed by a band of nasty warriors dressed in black. He is put into slavery and made to do hard labour for the rest of his foreseeable future. The torturous slavery makes Conan big and strong despite the apparent lack of decent food, nutrients, fishfingers or milk. He eventually is sold into gladiatorial fighting where he becomes a brilliant battler and swordsman and wins his freedom. From there on he's off to avenge his families death, as you do.Obvious premise but its an old film folks. Yes the film is old, back in 82 things were different, what you see now when watching is a horribly cliched, predictable, hammy, semi cheap looking mess, but back then it was fresh...ish. All the bad guys wear black and look a bit camp with their wigs and handlebar moustaches, you wonder why exactly these groups of bad guys always attack and kill helpless useless peasants, what's in it for them? why they always leave one kid alive to grow up and take revenge on them?? and what is James Earl Jones character actually up to? what's his goal? his plans? why do all those people follow him? etc...Yeah I know I'm being picky, it matters not really, the film is old and all these barbarian films are pretty much the same, its all about the spectacle and fantasy right. This first film is definitely more adult than the rest, lots of blood splashing about with limbs being hacked off...good stuff. Yet despite that there isn't too much action really, more character development surprisingly and what action there is has some nice effects too, nice snake work and some nice animated spirits also.To be honest I've actually always preferred the original 'Beastmaster' film over Conan. There a few nice moments in this but really its pretty tepid, if only 'The Beastmaster' starred Arnie. And what the hell was that huge wheel thing Conan pushes for half his life suppose to be? a mill? a well? or merely for torture? a plan that backfired for Thulsa Doom methinks.In the end the final teasing image and narration about King Conan is actually far more interesting and intriguing than the film that preceded it.