Jack Strong

Jack Strong

A spy thriller telling a historically based story of a man who alone dares to challenge Soviets being in the middle of the communistic system himself. Planning the maneuvers of Warsaw Pact forces he discovers that the American plans of nuclear counterattack against Soviet forces is planned to be executed on Polish territory. Thanks to his determination he starts a long, lonely and psychologically exhausting cooperation with CIA. From that moment the life of his and his family is in danger as one careless move can lead to tragedy.

Jack Strong is Kuklinskis alias - a senior military colonel of Poland, who have been accessed to confidential documents of Poland as well as the communist. However, Jack Strong is American spy. At this time, the cold war that the Soviet Union and the United States initiate is ongoing. A series of military secrets are revealed lead to huge damages. The Marshal of the Polish army advocates a large survey and Kuklinski become the number one suspect . Because of this critical situation, Kuklinski and family plan to escape. But the defection is very difficult to succeed. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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James S (us) wrote: The debut movie of new horror auteur siblings Jen and Sylvia Soska doesn't have a huge heap of money behind it to make it look flash and pretty but it makes up for this with a tongue in cheek script and a collection of characters that you can't help but feel a bit of affection for.Four friends, a bad ass, her geek sister, their junkie friend and choir boy hanger on find the dead body of a hooker in the trunk of their car. Before they can dispose of it, a series of bloody encounters takes them on a wild chase during which bonds and friendships are formed. It's a bit like Stand By Me with the body coming along for the ride.The Soska sisters head the cast as the bad ass and geek respectively. You get the impressions that there's probably quite a bit of themselves in their characters as they are really well defined. Upon reading about Dead Hooker in a Trunk, this reviewer has presumed that the characters would be male stereotypes so the film already pulls a fresh perspective on the "we have to get rid of this dead girl" by having a predominantly female cast in the main roles.The Soska's show that they know how to use a good script to mask their budgetary concerns. A great moment has one character on an innocent phone call while the two others struggle to manhandle the corpse out of a motel room and in to the car. It's not all flashy, "okay, let's do this", under cover of darkness. These characters are shown making mistakes and it lends the film a certain real world feeling.What they haven't let their budget spoil though are the scenes of blood and gore. Though there aren't that many, when the red stuff flows it's plentiful and enough to satisfy the carnage hungry among us.When all that's washed away though, the film has a nice undertone of friendship running through it. These characters really do anything for each other and as bizarre as it sounds, you leave the film with a warm feeling inside.It is a shame that at times the film feels like it's going for unnecessary shock value which feels like it's been put in there to sell the film to horror festivals. There was a good enough film here without having to resort to that.The Soska sisters have announced themselves as a force to be reckoned with in the world of the macabre and they will hopefully one day make a truly classic horror movie. Dead Hooker in a Trunk isn't it but it's a good start.

Adrian B (br) wrote: Terrible Die Hard / Speed rip off that does nothing to impress. This is also a reminder that WWE stars like John Cena should stick to wrestling with the exception of The Rock

Tim W (es) wrote: My kind of raunchiness of a film. Loved it.

Tanner L (gb) wrote: Best Winnie-The-Pooh movie yet. I love Roo.

Mithun G (ag) wrote: Fascinating and the stock footage is incredible.

Aaron A (it) wrote: A cool movie, but a failed attempted at opening our eyes to the mistreatment of the black community being as the black students relentlessly mess with Remi putting him into a state of helplessness where all he knew to do was trust the only friends he had, the white supremists.

Samir H (mx) wrote: very nice movie about the history and life of Stalin mixed up with a very good casting and solid performance from Robert Duvall...I'm surprised by how many people missed to see this great movie.

Ori R (us) wrote: so much drama. oh my godddd.... the first half is kind of enjoyable, the second one? please..... such an embarrassment...

danny d (ag) wrote: mesmerizing. easily some of the greatest martial arts sequences ever filmed. the story is epic and entirely engaging, the camera work is excellent, and the fight scene at the dock at the end of the film is one of my favorite in all of film history. a wonderful kung fu film and one of li's best.

Donna L (br) wrote: An Aussie movie about teenagers that I just fell in love with

Stephanie V (it) wrote: IMO very good depection of a woman with BPD.

Sarah L (jp) wrote: One of my favourite films from my childhood and still brillant!

Kyle M (it) wrote: It has the usual way of western music being spirited, the occasional structure that ends in a pay-off of satisfaction, and the spotlight being given to A-list western star John Wayne and Montgomery Clift at his debut, but the scale of this particular western was done and handled really well through a nice presentation that makes this one of the finest westerns. (A-)(Full review coming soon)

Henry G (br) wrote: Solidly intriguing and spectacular effects to match Constantine boasts great performances from Keanu Reeves and Tilda Swinton . Rachel Weiss's portrayal of the character bit flat at times but still shines when she needs to. Her and Reeves chemistry was act silly a lot of fun in the movie. I really enjoyed this films premise and its interesting look into the occult and spirituality and mixing all of the good and the bad of both. While this adaptation from the Hellblazer comic book isn't fully realized it still delivers a thoroughly entertaining and mildly thought provoking action adventure. Mostly I just truly loved Keanu's take on Constantine although many complain its too different from the comics I believe his portrayal was perfectly rude, brilliantly sarcastic, and very enjoyable to watch. The last battle in the pool is still one of my favorite scenes and it's just a beautifully looking film. It's also such a different superhero comic book move it's sort of an anti hero take and I really dig it.

Andrew K (de) wrote: Atmospheric but fictional story behind the painting of the famous picture. The film captures the tension in the relationships as people try to use a servant girl to meet their own ends.

Katy S (ca) wrote: Great movie!! Im baffled with these negative reviews..


nia C (fr) wrote: i want to see it......

Kyle R (ag) wrote: Funny, and nothing more.