Jack the Reaper

Jack the Reaper

A group of unsuspecting teens face a railroad reaper in his desert carnival.

A group of unsuspecting teens face a railroad reaper in his desert carnival. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tiberio S (fr) wrote: All this does is prove how easily manipulated film can be, and should make one question how many lies are pervaded in the documentaries we see. This is a living example of how staged they are.It's absolutely stunning, awe-inspiring - the science behind this work. I am simply blown away by the level of detail that is gone into creating this farce. The film stock, the casting of such exact facial features, the poses, attitudes in the interviews, style of flashback photography. At the same time, it's boring as fuck. It works so hard at creating this impression that it never stops to ask: is it interesting?The film feels extremely selfish, and at 1 hr 22 min, the filmmaker reveals just how selfish she is. Poor Harry wants to publish his story on this, but Sarah whines about that not being right. Only her version of the story should be published, only she should capitalize on it, not everyone else.

Dawn B (ru) wrote: Wot a crock of shit only watched 8mins and couldn't stand it any longer!!!

Alberto V (br) wrote: Muy linda. Me emocion mucho.

Irvin C (au) wrote: I was gonna read the book before watching the movie but what the hell, I'll just read the book afterwards and I might have to because I loved the movie. This animated adaptation of George Orwell's cautionary allegory on communism may feature cute animals and some of them do cute things but it doesn't shy away from the novel's darker, more grown-up themes. "Bambi" is nothing; This is 10x more traumatizing if you're gonna make the mistake of showing this to your little ones. It has twisted humor and has the power to make you angry. A superb piece of work.

Carolyn G (it) wrote: Shakur truly was a great actor but for me, it was Leon who gave the most compelling performance. Quiet and subtle, he stole the movie for me.

Tico P (nl) wrote: From the humanitarian Jorg Buttgereit who gave us Nekromantik. The story of a serial killer told in flashbacks and memories. A pretty surreal and depressing film, that is well worth your time.

Luke G (es) wrote: pretty dope for a Lifetime/OH! channel movie.

Mitchell Z (br) wrote: The thirteenth Bond film, Octopussy, is the worst in the series so far. Moore is way passed his prime and it shows, the plot lacks interest, and it puts 007 in a clown suit. It is a silly film and a disgrace to the character.

John B (fr) wrote: A dreary little "comedy" about divorce back when it is was still a bit of a taboo subject. Today it just plays as boring.

Shubhra R (ru) wrote: A powerful, provocative and poignant critique of our romance with the idea of the innocence of childhood and children.I would dearly like to see the Peter Brook version.

Hope H (es) wrote: Wait --this is a movie? Not a sit com? What a totally lack luster effort, unattractive, uninteresting, and certainly uninspiring. Not to mention the soulless equation of "manhood" with "picking up girls at a bar". Once I had seen the mildly entertaining shopping sequence (which you can watch in the preview) I couldn't summon up the interest to watch any further. I'm sure the slick Gosling character gets his comeuppance, and the husband and wife are somehow redeemed. But frankly, I couldn't give a damn.

Andrew L (au) wrote: You don't have to be a stockbroker to understand this movie. The dialogue and characters pull you in for a different type of film, in other words, good. Solid acting, except for Daryl Hannah, she wasn't on her "A game". Gordon Gekko is an unforgettable character and Michael Douglas is the perfect man for the job.