Jackass Number Two

Jackass Number Two

Jackass Number Two is a compilation of various stunts, pranks and skits, and essentially has no plot. Chris Pontius, Johnny Knoxville, Steve-O, Bam Margera, and the whole crew return to the screen to raise the stakes higher than ever before.

Chris Pontius, Johnny Knoxville, Steve-O, Bam Margera, and the whole crew return to the screen to raise the stakes higher than ever before. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Jackass Number Two torrent reviews

Ethan H (nl) wrote: There's nothing that makes this a must see. Worth checking out if there is nothing else.

bill b (nl) wrote: i really enjoyed it.... guilty pleasure :)

Nicolas C (es) wrote: This Xmen movie has a darker theme but I have to admit that it is very well made.

Derek H (ru) wrote: Not even Hollywood could invent a romance more extraordinary than this one.

Virgil B (kr) wrote: There isn't much to say about this movie, it is utterly bleak with no redemption for anyone, while the main plot line did not offer much diversity of experience this was made up for in the nuances. The only thing I can really say about this movie is that it was well made but I don't want to see it again.

Sean H (ag) wrote: This is a must see for anyone that ponders the role of consultants and how the "framing" of issues plays itself out in campaigns. One may even get a glimpse of the consequences, if you pay attention to what happens after the election. Listen closely to how the consultants talk about their role and what they are doing...

Jessica C (gb) wrote: It's bad, you have to fast forward to the funny parts, which are pretty stupid and hilarious.

Komathi H (us) wrote: ok lah.. i dont like nayantara anyway..

Denise T (jp) wrote: This is really good. How blurry the line can be between friendship and something more. How you find your perfect soul mate but it's just it. The jokes and teasing are super funny and adorable. A bit confusing so I put this on waiting list to watch again in next 5 years to see if I can understand more of this.

David M (ru) wrote: This is the Batman I grew up with (no disrespect to Michael Keaton) and this is the best reboot and origin of one of the greatest heroes ever told on screen.

Alexander C (mx) wrote: Want to see it! Will have to take into account!

bill s (us) wrote: With a fine cast and good special effects you'd think they'd spring for a decently written script?

Cameron M (de) wrote: This is an awesome movie...you must see it...

Cameron H (gb) wrote: When I watched the sole trailer for this movie, I initially lacked the motivation to watch what seemed like a good-natured, first-rate romantic comedy/drama. Then I noticed that there were sequels, which each take place about a decade after the previous movie. Better yet, they were actually filmed a decade later, to show how age has taken its toll on the two main people as accurately as possible. For those of you who heard of Boyhood, which spans 12 years of filmmaking, this type of project is nothing too weird for filmmaker Richard Linklater. The question is, past the gimmick of such a monumental project, how does one film hold up on its own? Pretty well, thankfully! The cinematography moves as gently and in the same direction as the characters' focus, throughout their day in Vienna together. The conflict is one that Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy do their best to brush away, up until the very last scene, but I felt so invested in the chemistry between Hawke and Delpy that I never left the moment on the screen. Their love is quite mature and hip to modern politics, and only feels tied to a generation long gone when considering how useful cell phones would be for their situation. Pacing could feel slow for those who do not find either character especially charming; there is not a scene without them together in some way. Personally, much like Annie Hall and When Harry Met Sally, I am so happy for their honest, happy-go-lucky, and vulnerable friendship that I sympathize for the romantic gaga they eventually have to face (while acknowledging it is gaga).

Alex Z (ru) wrote: For something that's suppose to be suspenseful and mysterious, I was exceedingly bored and uninterested.

Adam A (fr) wrote: Ryan Reynolds makes this hazard situation worth the otherwise long silenth, dark moments, of your time. "Burried" is emotional, intense and nothing for the claustrophobic, edgy viewer.

Ryan S (es) wrote: 4.5/5. One of the best cop movies out there, Hilarious and badass. What more could you want?

Dailiesel M (ag) wrote: excelente pelicula,great job slow movie pero i like it..

Sarah E (es) wrote: One of the best coming of age comedy movies I have ever watched. I understand the movie has some corny moments and crude humor in it, but it was always seemed magical to me! This was Jim Carrey's first starring role with the very sexy and hot Lauren Hutton. His virginal sweet heart Karen Kopins, was something worth fighting for as well and the clash between an experienced woman verses an innocent one just worked out perfectly for me. I loved the scene where innocent Robin told the countess "Mark doesn't want you because your mean and evil, he wants me because I'm nice and sweet and pure, so F--- off!The supporting cast was wonderful from The countess Sebastian to Jim Carrey's friends who fit the typical stereotypical male virgins saying all the wrong things to the women they meet. If you can give the movie a chance and be transported back to a more innocent time with 80's music, a great cast and a light way to look back at those embarrassing moments of growing up.

Masha C (es) wrote: If you are ever in a mood for a romantic comedy - this is it!