Jackass: Volume Two

Jackass: Volume Two


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:78 minutes
  • Release:2004
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:non fiction,  

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Jackass: Volume Two torrent reviews

Frances H (ag) wrote: Cheaper version of The Facility.

Hannah K (ag) wrote: My absolute favorite Jim Carrey movie.

Luke B (nl) wrote: Replay is a very suitable subtitle for this third film in the series. It starts off much weirder than the previous installments. This time Tomie starts her life as a head in a young girls stomach. It was a very unsettling and queasy opening and probably the most memorable moments of the series so far. It plays to the same beat as the last two films, with Tomie gradually manipulating and possessing the lust of man. This time though, men are literally infected by her as she gets into their bloodstream and begins to regenerate. Once again it's cheap, but not as noticeable as the TV movie that proceeded it. A pretty good continuation.

Claire W (ca) wrote: Anyone who loves theater should see this movie. It is hard to say which is better: Ben Kingsley's performance or the plot.

The M (ru) wrote: Very original.. Not!

Daniel W (ag) wrote: 1957 is one of the best years for movies EVER; The Bridge on the River Kwai, Sweet Smell of Success, A Face in the Crowd, Paths of Glory, Twelve Angry Men. "The Brain from Planet Arous" stands...nowhere near any of them.Nuclear scientist John Agar is drawn to the mysterious things that are happening on "Mysterious Mountain". Naturally, while investigating the "Mysterious Mountain", his body is taken over by a giant, floating, sleepy-eyed, alien brain, bent on world domination.Back home, his girlfriend suspects there is something wrong with him when he demonstrates actual sexual attraction towards her. This alien brain has a serious horn for her."Brain" is doofy, cheeseball 50's sci-fi, that mercifully only lasts 70 minutes.

Eirin H (mx) wrote: David Suchet is brilliant..

Tina S (nl) wrote: Forget Fight Club, I want to be in Food Club!

Juli R (ca) wrote: This is a sweet film by Rob Reiner that doesn't get too sentimental. The reason why it works is because of its smart casting choices. If you want to feel good about how things used to be this is a good choice.

Andy G (us) wrote: The art of the steal is it interesting crime drama about four guys that our son into still the Bible of King James and get away with it without being caught. Very good cast Kurt Russell Jay Baruchel Terence Stamp and Kevin Dillon and Jason Jones. B (2014)