Jackass World 24 Hour Takeover

Jackass World 24 Hour Takeover

Jackassworld.com: 24 Hour Takeover was a 24-hour live TV special featuring many stars of the MTV show and movie franchise Jackass from February 23–24, 2008.

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Anup S (br) wrote: good comedy, could have had a better story line but was still enjoyable

Noname (es) wrote: The third Underworld movie but this without one the gorgeous Selene (Kate Beckinsale). But there are many other characters/actors back which is always positive. This time the story takes us back long before the first Underworld and focus on Victor and the slave Lucian (Lycan).. along with Sonja (Viktor's daughter). A well worthy sequel or prequel u may say with the same good Underworld feeling. Dark environments , violence with a nice story to learn more from. The first movie are tho best in my opinion then the 2nd and now this 3rd. Perhaps we shall see a 4th in the future.. I wouldn't mind. Enjoy..

Petros T (fr) wrote: The sequel is no doubt less inspired than the first film, with several jokes outstaying their welcome. Still, it's fun to watch, even just for the more sporadic bursts of hilarity.

Eliabeth M (fr) wrote: This was a cute movie I enjoyed it!

Vinnie G (us) wrote: One of the most articulate and expertly filmed romantic dramas I have ever seen. An absolute tour-de-force of ingenious dialogue, of which none of it would have quite the impact, without the solid performances of every last person in the film. Breathtaking.

Connor B (ca) wrote: Poor sequel to the classic masterpiece from 1968. Some good highlights though.

Bill B (fr) wrote: Gave this one a re-watch awhile back, just because it was on cable and I got fished in...Would it be fucked up to call this a comfort movie? Because it's definitely one I've seen dozens of times and will put on for background noise just because it's familiar and can be ignored.By the same token though, I really enjoy everything about the film, from the story itself, to the look and feel of the film and the overall message behind it.Highly recommended.

Cameron F (br) wrote: Flying robot saucers help an old couple save their apartment building from ruthless developers. I couldn't help but feel sorry for Cronyn and Tandy who were such a delight in Cocoon, labor their way through this muddled mess that seems too much like a adult version of Short Circuit, another robot comedy from the previous year. This movie is way too long and uninspired to entertain the youngest of families and too hokey to appeal to the grown ups.