All about how life takes a turn for Jackie and the way he faces the challenges. He is a happy-go-lucky chap who has to go in search of a girl that goes missing overnight and Jackie takes the blame.

All about how life takes a turn for Jackie and the way he faces the challenges. He is a happy-go-lucky chap who has to go in search of a girl that goes missing overnight and Jackie takes the blame. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ting G (br) wrote: This is a really good one that can bring happyness for everybody ! Really interesting! A successful work! Highly recommend !

Subodh C (br) wrote: Murder 2 is one of the finest crime story / semi-gore / thriller cinema which offers edge of the seat experience! Kudos to Mohit Suri for that. Emraan Hashmi & Prashant Narayanan's performances are inch perfect! Everyone else is great except Jacqueline Fernandez who fails to leave any mark.This movie uses 5.1 Surround Sound to the fullest, which is a rarity in Hindi films. First half an hour is slow but after that movie keeps you engaged till the last scene. All the bold scenes in the first half an hour look like unnecessarily added. Movie could have done much better without them.Final Verdict: A must watch!

Sitinga K (jp) wrote: This documentary has an important theme. People often talk about the diamond industry, the oil industry etc.. but often people dont talk about the cocoa industry because no one wants to pay a dollar extra in the Global North for their chocolate fix. Chocolate is not produced in the west, however, candy bars, hot chocolate etc.. is sold for about $1 (or less), and a child is forcibly trafficked in order to produce that bar for several years. Its sad how the government is a part of the problem. Overall though, refreshing documentary.

Tanya M (gb) wrote: Wasn't bad and was quite comical at times, Barry Evans rocks!

kyo 9 (jp) wrote: nice action-cum comedy movie..learn new words from this movie too..

Eric H (us) wrote: Excellent premise, but the execution and acting are severely lacking.

David N (us) wrote: Undertiteln "Inferno of love and revenge" sger det mesta man behver veta. Jag gillar srskilt nr Sharukh fr halsen avskuren, faller utfr ett femtio meters stup och sedan r back in business p ny rekordtid. Och nr hans skjorta av rent dramaturgiska skl sjlvantnder i slutet nr han springer ikapp skurkarna.

Anita L (au) wrote: very poor plot, idiotic almost

Leif N (nl) wrote: I can't believe I haven't seen this until now.

Erick F (nl) wrote: Touching. It took me a little bit of time to get used to the way they spoke. As soon as I got over that hump, I found myself inside of a very interesting movie. This has 90s generation x written all over it, but not the mainstream stereotype that it eventual became. This seems to pull from the neophyte stages of it. Thus making it a lot more raw. There were some completely gross moment. And other super charming moments. Overall, I stuck with this movie and was happy. Good concept good execution.

Justin S (fr) wrote: Boring as hell, effects good, ending good with aliens, they just ride off his him, wtf

James B (kr) wrote: The best, most hilarious existentialist movie ever!

Stella D (kr) wrote: don't really get why everyone loves this so much or else it's just far too sentimental for my tastes. the outlandish accents and gushing music put me off right away but i stuck it out for 2+ hours thinking there must be something...give me curtiz' 'life with father' any day

Augustine H (jp) wrote: Being the spokesperson of gangsters in the old Hollywood, James Cagney earns himself the well-deserved Oscar with this highly patriotic, if not propagandistic musical preaching the American values. But even your are not Americans, you must admit that the film is motivating and politically correct for conveying positive values, which can be applied anywhere, anytime. The dazzling steps and singings of Cagney and the grand stage are indeed appreciative.

Greg W (fr) wrote: good western i love seeing hollywood's leading men in this pic robert taylor play bad guys i just wish gary cooper would have played a bad guy.

Yana K (it) wrote: Shittiest movie Iv seen in my whole life worse than Tales of Tales. The entire movie is one really big climax but when you reach the end all of that excitement turns to Pure DISSAPOINTMENT. Storyline was interesting movie was not executed well. I Hate It.

Paul B (ag) wrote: One of the most pathetic excuses for a survival thriller of the 2000s. Flight of the Phoenix is repetitive, tedious, abysmally acted, and pretentious.

Francisco S (mx) wrote: With a funny plot and a talented cast, however with a predictable narrative and no original story that makes this movie only one more in this genre.

Luis C (es) wrote: A pesar de ser una mala pelcula, es buena en varios sentidos. Vamos primero con sus puntos malos: No sostiene una continuidad con la anterior, salvo por sus personajes, regresan Van Damme, Ludgren y Arlovski con los que al parecer son sus mismos personajes, pero nos pierden por completo al no incluir al Capitn Burke de la anterior del que se supona iban a introducirlo al programa UniSol (Soldado Universal) o incluso presentar al personaje de Van Damme como un villano, aunque eso lo dejar ms adelante. Y sigue cambiando la ciencia ficcin con el gore, an cuando s dejan ver alguno que otro guio a este gnero literario pero sin tantos efectos y ms lgica y dilogo.De entrada nos muestran a un sanguinario Deveraux que asesina la familia de John, quien al parecer ahora es un UniSol cuyas habilidades desconoca. Sin embargo este giro de la trama, aunque muy predecible, suena interesante salvo que ahora los desertores del programa UniSol que se clasifican como iluminados no dejan de verse como unos zombies aunque hayan salido del programa. No establece la trama qu tan al futuro est de los acontecimientos de la pelcula anterior. Sin embargo este giro le da un aire fresco tal vez para cambiar de personajes y continuar en un futuro con la saga con otros actores. Me parece que lo mejor es su desenlace aunque muy tardado. Muy recomendable an cuando no haya visto las anteriores y guste de las pelculas de balazos sin sentido. Y ver a hombres extra musculozos golpearse unos a otros como muy machos. De esas cosas que a veces se extraan en el cine actual con tanta malla y tanta capa o mscara :D

MF J (es) wrote: What a beautiful little film ! coming straight from New Zealand this story is very well shot & beautifully portrayed by a talented young girl. this is a great film that shows how important nature is to the Maori.