A reunion of five high school friends forces them to confront the tragic events of their graduation night eight years prior. Stars Michael Rodrick.

A forbidden game. A tragic accident. Now, five friends must confront the past, themselves and a shocking secret. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Walter M (kr) wrote: To start, "Tuesday, After Christmas" has certain things in common with other Romanian films that caused the Romanian New Wave to implode, taking half of Hungary with it, such as epic and talky static scenes. While this movie does not take care to accent the consequential scenes over the less so(yes, we get it already that the movie takes place near the Christmas holidays), it still does have a stunning opening of Paul(Mimi Branescu), a banker, and his younger mistress Raluca(Maria Popistasu), a dental hygienist, frolicking in bed together and eventually a devastating climactic scene. In between is a perceptive behavorial study into how people act when they are around different people. Paul is at his most relaxed when he is around Raluca, maybe because he realizes how lucky he is that a beautiful woman is paying attention to him, considering his being middle-aged and overweight. Otherwise, they have to be careful to not acknowledge each other when he and his wife Adriana(Mirela Oprisor) bring in their daughter to have braces installed. For the record, Adriana and Paul simply share that familiar manner of two people who have been together for a long time.

Cedric W (it) wrote: FBF please ex specially women please this is no jock I love you all and you know I can't hold nothing in u know I don't like 2 hide who I am

Don S (kr) wrote: So bad, and outright confusing, I turned it off.

Sara L (ca) wrote: An interesting film with a kinda creepy affiliation with $3. But yes, a good AUSSIE film. (:

Parker R (au) wrote: The pacing can feel muddled at times and the addition of subtitles to an English dub is unnecessary, especially given the fact the two don't always match up half the time. There's still plenty of aggressive martial arts scenes from Tony Jaa that are impressively shot and executed to overlook the faults in the script. This being said, the film ultimately deliveres when it matters.

Heather H (us) wrote: a practically perfect comedy. witty, creative, and truly funny!

Hannah I (fr) wrote: This is a good movie you don't see everyday on TV. I wish they could play it or post some vidz up here.

Dougal S (au) wrote: This film has the reputation of being one of the better cannibal flicks of the 70s - but I really can't see why! Despite maybe having better production values than some of the others it has virtually no cannibalism in it. In fact it's actually a quite dreary story of 'love in the jungle'. A photographer goes upriver in Thailand (after randomly stabbing a man in a bar for some reason that is never expanded upon). Heading into uncharted territory he is captured by a native tribe who keep him as a slave for a bit and then integrate him into the tribe itself. At some point the chief's daughter gets the hots for him and they end up getting married and then she has a baby and promptly dies. The end. That's it.The film is really slow moving with lots of lingering shots of village life and with much of it in the native language it's difficult to know what's going on. As it's an Italian exploitation flick then there's quite a bit of nudity and the occasional graphic bit of violence but nothing to really write home about. The cannibals turn up for all of ten minutes and don't really do much apart from have a fight with the other villagers and eat one poor girl they catch by the waterfall that everyone seems intent on going backwards and forwards to.The film I watched was the UK version - Deep River Savages - which has about three minutes of animal cruelty missing (another staple of Italian cannibal films) so I don't think I've missed that much so in conclusion it left me feeling that it was ninety minutes of my life that I won't get back!

Jojo S (ag) wrote: This is a story of an angry young man borned as a mixed Black-Korean dispised by the entire society he lived in. He lived in an abandoned school bus with his mother who wrote letters daily to her American lover; who always got her letters returned and stamped with "address unknown" from the US. He worked with a violent ex-militant step-father who brutally killed dogs for money. He tried not to learn to hate but still dispised himself and his mother's hopeless insanity of writing letters every single day. The young man later helped an often-bullied friend, also an outcast, who wished to go abroad and study English, to fulfill his long American dream. His friend then fell in love with a next-door girl who lost an eye but also wished to go to America. Later, she betrayed her love to be with a drug-abused American G.I., who's frustrated by this meaningless cold-war, so she could get her eye fixed. All four youngsters met tragic endings. This is a reflection of reality of all the scars that fills in a post-war and a divided country. Through the fictional but very possible reality of hatred and regrets, the movie is not to teach us to hate but to learn to stop hating before the chain and result of hate begins .

Taylor L (kr) wrote: Very watchable, but just becomes another movie with it being too simple. It's got a story, and it's not boring, and has some interesting moments. Rating: NR My Rating: PG

Whitney S (ag) wrote: More Jake Gyllenhaal doing math. Yes.

Nicholas L (it) wrote: It would be less of a problem if without that ludicrous car chase in the end. Not only it makes no sense (tactically, every sensible gunman would make contact in the car park rather than initiate a car chase), too long and changes roles for no reason. (the hunted becomes the hunter) Henry Cavill as the reluctant hero is not perfect but boy, this actor can run!