Jadu Tona

Jadu Tona

A little girl's body gets eerily possessed by a criminal's soul to get revenge on some of his former criminal friends.

A little girl's body gets eerily possessed by a criminal's soul to get revenge on some of his former criminal friends. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Victor K (jp) wrote: Only movie I've ever fallen asleep in the theater in

Tim M (gb) wrote: A few good shakedowns and a shootout, but ultimately boring.

John K (nl) wrote: This was such a touching movie. Love the father-son relationship, and all the sacrifices the father makes for his son to be good. The ending was so moving.

Amanda H (kr) wrote: Worlds Away remains my favorite Cirque Du Soleil DVD for now, but this one was miles better than the atrocious and incredibly disappointing Corteo. I could have done without all the filler with the clowns, but some of the acts in this show are amazing, the finale in particular. I really enjoyed this.

Kayla D (fr) wrote: My all time favourite movie! Seen soo many times and never get sick of it :D

Aj V (jp) wrote: The first and only tooth fairy movie, as far as I know. So, I give it credit for being unique in that way. The story and plot are predictable, but I think kids will find it enjoyable enough.

Adam R (us) wrote: Harmless fun! It's plenty entertaining, but is a bit too corny. (First and only viewing - Sometime in 2008)

Johnny T (ag) wrote: Steven Seagal's follow-up to his most successful--commercially and, ahem, artistically--film has all the elements in place: explosions, fights, stunts galore. This is the inevitable cash-in sequel to a decent original, this is not half as good, but still a million times better than anything else Seagal has done. Good set-up, well-shot, but Seagal never allows any villain to be much of a challenge for his character, which saps the tension. Eric Bogosian, given the herculean task of following the original's fabulous Tommy Lee Jones, is a big zero as the villain, a terrorist who takes over a train that Seagal and his niece (Katherine Heigl, one of the film's saving graces) just happen to be aboard. Director Geoff Murphy does a decent enough job with the action sequences, and Seagal is, well, Seagal, but I didn't find it all too exciting. Run-of-the-mill Seagal. Could be better, could be worse... VERDICT: "In The Zone" - [Mixed Reaction] These kinds of movies are usually movies that had some good things, but some bad things kept it from being amazing. This rating says buy an ex-rental or a cheap price of the DVD to own. If you consider cinema, ask for people's opinion on the film. (Films that are rated 2.5 or 3 stars)

Jessica H (kr) wrote: not much going on for a film done so well.

Alex B (kr) wrote: What a character I would vote for nosher he wouldnt bend to the unions and the feminist and the greenies like some(Rudd). Politics aside good British humour. You get off his land you take that teatowel off your head. Middle East problem sorted..

Drew C (jp) wrote: I was considering a life of prostitution up until I saw this movie. My boy Ramrod (Wings Hauser) has a strong pimp hand, pimp foot, pimp blade, and pimp gun for that matter. His portrayal is one of the more frightening and believable to this day for me. His first hooker/victim gets her head legitimately slammed against a wall so many times I was waiting for her to tap out or go limp. Then it is simply left up to the imagination to guess all the ways Ramrod uses a coat hanger to basically finish her off. Is fetishy a word? Cause if its not crazy ass pimps, its fetishy ass johns and I must say, people in Hollywood have too much money. One of the strangest scenes comes when old man limp dick comes raising out of a coffin like a mummy. Friend of Hooker #1, lets call her hooker #2 (played by Season Hubley) is that super tough as shit kinda hot and ready to do anything to stay out of jail and help get revenge. But no one, and he is pretty sincere when he says it, NO ONE..... MESSES...... WITH..... RAMROD!

Andrew W (ru) wrote: Nicolas Cage sucked ass, but the movie was still pretty enjoyable, despite his lacluster performance.

James D (gb) wrote: Clint rocks it...imagine what would it have been with a better supporting cast.

Chok S (es) wrote: A less terrifying sequel to the sleeper hit horror film, The Pact. The Pact 2 fails mainly in its story that may keep you engaging, but is poorly connected and concluded together in the end. The climax is unsatisfying and is not even scary or memorable here comparing to the first film. The SCARES here might not be as genuinely creepy as the first but it does have some effective ones as well as cheap ones to have you jump from time to time. There are also some bloody kills but nothing GORY or anything. Overall, this film series has potential to be the next horror hit series like Insidious films due to its engaging story and creepy scares but for now, this sequel will be remembered as the most disappointing one, yet [C+]