Sent to a hostel as a punishment, a rebellious lad leads a revolt and creates havoc in the institution.

Sent to a hostel as a punishment, a rebellious lad leads a revolt and creates havoc in the institution. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ellen G (nl) wrote: Tenringsfilm, lett kjenne seg igjen i. Dakota har blitt stor og Olsen jentene har blitt flere.

Private U (us) wrote: Well, there is a lot of unspoken dialogue in this movie. Still very telling, and interesting when it comes to relationship-issues. Recommendable.

ka (mx) wrote: simple loneliness, death and birth

Dryorophus (kr) wrote: Recommended by GiovannyTG

Nikolaj Z (de) wrote: "A stunning true story unfortunately tarted up for modern audiences, 'Iron Jawed Angels' is a disappointing but still powerful HBO movie about the strife and downright horrors faced by the bravest of American suffragettes in their battle for women's voting rights in the 1910s.Infused with modern informalities and fictional romances, forestalled by a wildly incongruous soundtrack of post-feminist empowerment pop (Lauryn Hill, Sarah McLachlan, etc.), and cast with B-list Hollywood beauties (Hilary Swank, Frances O'Connor, etc.) who are sometimes hard to take seriously, the film is mostly a gross oversimplification depicting a gaggle of forward-thinking gal pals taking on sexist politicians and fuddy-duddy Susan B. Anthony types who don't like their radical methods of generating publicity (like picketing the White House during World War I).However, director Katja Von Garnier takes a step back from her amped-up, sometimes stylish, sometimes tacky filmmaking as the women face extreme (and factual) consequences for their actions -- including political imprisonment and torture. This is when "Angels" hits an emotionally potent stride that resonates beyond the picture's shortcomings.Unfortunately, the script is full of transparent contrivances (the meek wife of a fictional anti-suffrage senator learns to assert herself) and dubious choices (who green-lit the bathtub masturbation scene?). It provides little historical or political detail (some of these women were socialists and anti-war activists too), and barely (just barely) pays lip service to unflattering facts like the exclusion of black women from the movement.Swank is more pretty than pugnacious as Alice Paul, the rabble-rousing founder of the Women's National Party, who gets further short-changed in the film's coda, which merely says she fought for women's rights her whole life without offering any details -- even relevant ones, like the fact that it took three tries to get the 19th Amendment through Congress. Still, despite its many, many flaws, "Iron Jawed Angels" gives an ardent cinematic voice to a shamefully neglected story of progressive American courage."- Rob Blackwelder (SPLICEDWire)COULDN'T HAVE SAID IT BETTER MYSELF

Patrick L (mx) wrote: What can I say? USA Cable Network obviously sucks when it comes to having movies produced....too much cable is a very bad thing!I watched this sequel and it was actually much better than the first film. The female character who survives is stronger than the one in the first and more ruthless, almost killing Stanley in the final moments but then relenting and thus allowing him to survive seeming death and escape capture by police. Not necessarily realistic but a thrill ride.

Felipe F (kr) wrote: Moving, inspiring, funny and humane, Stephen Daldry's Billy Elliot is a British classic highly elevated by Jamie Bell and Julie Walters lively performances.

Ahsanj1hotmailcom A (ag) wrote: Add a review (optional)...

Kenny N (gb) wrote: No stars. Man, Bobcat Goldthwait has had one of the most fascinating careers of anyone in entertainment history. He's now widely respected as a masterful filmmaker and a funny stand up comic (even if most of his material seems to involve him poking fun at the extremely odd place he occupies in pop culture). But with this little pile of horse droppings, we get to see what he once was: a stand up comic with an annoying, inhuman voice who made movies that eagerly scraped the bottom of the barrel. And this is as bottom-of-the-barrel as they come. It's almost like we're discussing two separate people. Don't ever see this movie. Bobcat himself would advise you not to.

Brad S (es) wrote: - This is a great film that I hadn't seen in a while. It is considered by many to be Kurosawa's warm-up for his masterpiece "Ran", which is also one of my all-time faves. But, watching this again, and in particular the Blu-ray version, I was really able to appreciate this film for its own qualities. There are some absolutely breathtaking shots in this film, and I also enjoyed the story. It does move at a leisurely pace at times, and is 3hrs long, but the visually beauty, particularly on blu-ray can hold your attention. Highly recommended! - This is a very good, but leisurely paced film. It is gorgeously photographed and definitely an epic film, but might be best watched in 2 sittings. This was Kurosawa's warm-up for "Ran"" which is his definitive Masterpiece, but this is very much worth watching. Check it out!

Dave R (br) wrote: "Let's break out some Winchester!"

Tristan P (ag) wrote: Intriguing idea but oddly uninvolving Hammer gothic. Christopher Lee gives it his all, and he's appropriately mesmerizing, but apart from the presence of Barbara Shelley, Lee is the only thing of interest in the entire film.

mpilar b (ag) wrote: It has the charm of the New Wave French films

Nate W (it) wrote: "Five Graves to Cairo" is a terrific entertainment from early in Billy Wilder's career. Franchot Tone plays a British officer who impersonates a hotel waiter to evade German discovery when they take over an Egyptian inn, only to find out that the real waiter had been a Nazi agent. Now he's in a delicate game of cat and mouse, forced to keep up the charade in order to avoid the suspicions of Field Marshall Rommel (well played by Eric von Stronheim), but also to make good on an opportunity to discover the secret of Rommel's North Africa Campaign. The plot keeps thickening in this ever-tense war/espionage hybrid, but in true Wilder fashion, there is plenty of levity, most often in the form of a flamboyant Italian general played by Fortunio Bonanova.

John M (fr) wrote: A much better Red Dawn remake than the Red Dawn remake no doubt. A bright young cast of Aussies liven up WW3.

Tyler A (fr) wrote: why do I dislike all movies critics like Cuz i dislike that sad this wasn't that bad just could a been better