Jaguar Lives!

Jaguar Lives!

The world's newest kung fu legend, Joe Lewis, takes on evil gangsters and saves the world.

A world's new kung-fu hero (Joe Lewis) is out to stop drug dealers, gangs and help save the world from an evil con (Christopher Lee). . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jeff L (au) wrote: Incredible documentary. Very well done.

Eyal D (ag) wrote: Strictly an LGBT film entry, GOING DOWN... begins by romanticizing the sordid aspects of Hollywood's porn and escort industry. At first a cotton candy coated variation of LA's underbelly with splashes of its ugly realities, the film veers half way into showing all that isn't nice. However, disappointingly perhaps, it then resorts to a fairytale ending, a most disturbing way to cap off a movie about not selling yourself short. Oh well, the film certainly seems to want to have its cake and eat it. And with such a vanilla lead and by virtue of its seaminess, combined, it sure does, to confusing yet somewhat satisfying results.

Jaime R (ag) wrote: Something I didn't expect, pretty cool, alotta cut outs, but over all left me wondering.

Scott S (ru) wrote: this little sleeper is a must see and based on a true story

Gena D (es) wrote: Watched it on ASN so I probably missed a lot while I was pregnant and commercials and pee breaks. But I don't feel like watching it again so 3 stars ;p

Kwong C (fr) wrote: Another great episode; there were a couple of surprises in some of the lives, but it got interesting when some subjects were asked about their thoughts on this series.

Bubba M (it) wrote: My favorite William Powell movie.

Dominic F (ag) wrote: The funniest film of an incomparable team and quite simply the best comedy ever made in this country!

Matthew C (kr) wrote: Lethal Weapon begins with a young girl jumping off a building, and appearing to commit suicide. But, once new partners Roger Murtaugh and Martin Riggs begin looking into the case they learn that the girl was actually poisoned and murdered. So, they begin investigating and learn that this case is far more dangerous than they initially thought. Overall. Lethal Weapon is a fun 80s action movie that features two terrific characters, fun action, comedic moments, and times that the film has a more serious tone that make it more than just a cheesy action movie.

Gregory S (mx) wrote: Ok movie, Sanaa was hot though!