Jahan Pyar Mile

Jahan Pyar Mile

Hindi film from director Lekh Tandon.

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Mike V (gb) wrote: What an amazing picture this documentary paints of Senna the man and his rivalries. With superb footage and editing, this emotional ride will stay with you long after the credits have rolled. 1001

Justin R (ru) wrote: The problem is usually never going up. It's going down. Especially when shit hits the fan. And Touching the Void portrays this notion in a vivid and imaginative format--that of a "docu-drama." By no means is this a Hollywood-caliber, over the top film, but a reenactment of a life and death scenario via real interviews and acting. All and all, it is a good film, but often times the interview/acting hybrid gets on your nerves, and often I found myself asking why couldn't they do it one way or the other.

Jim M (nl) wrote: The Future: The divide between the haves and have-nots has grown. Everywhere powerful corporations wield immense technology and power, none more so then Xchange who controls a revolutionary mode of travel, by exchanging minds with a person at the desired destination, in essence being able to switch bodies. On his first Xchange Stefan Toffler finds his body hijacked by James Fisk, an anti-corporate terrorist, and his mind trapped in a clone body that will not last more then 3 days. Toffler must wade threw a world of deciet and violence to stop Fisk and save himself. Interesting sci-fi film that features action, sex, intrigue and the imagination to show us different facets of a world where mind transfer is possable from Blue Collar Workers inhabiting cloned bodies for a day to sexual fetishes that become possable and everything in between. That said it is low budget and none of the actors really stood out for me. Worth a rental.

aimie c (kr) wrote: love this film!! never get bored of this !!

Chelsea T (kr) wrote: The BEST runner ever!

Jason M (gb) wrote: The Hollywood milking machine begins... Jaws, a great trailblazing film took the world by storm in 1975 as the first "shark" disaster film. One could only expect for Hollywood to cash in before too long.Roy Scheider reprises his role as Chief Brody. Scheider is a very serious and believable character actor. In this Jaws installment, like the first, it is personal for Chief Brody as his children and their friends are in danger. The scenes are incredibly cheesy and dated. The ending predictable and just sets the framework for progressively worse installments of the Jaws saga.This film falls into the bad "A-film" class.

Jrme J (de) wrote: Un classique du documentaire fait par l'un des plus grands documentaristes au monde. L, encore, l'univers d'une institution totalitaire est rendu dans sa ralit la plus traumatisante, le plus pnible voir : la dshumanisation des faibles au nom d'alibi scientifiques. La scne du malade mental nourri de force est gerber, sans mauvais jeu de mots.

Simon T (ca) wrote: Kubrick's renowned polemic foreshadows his later Dr Strangelove and Full Metal Jacket: how the theatre and costume of war, coupled with the cowardice and madness of generals, will invariably destroy the innocent or principled. It's a short movie - barely ninety minutes - but like so much of Kubrick's output it resonates long after it ends.

Mason M (kr) wrote: A complete epic masterpiece baby!!

Greg W (jp) wrote: year s/b 1937 not 2006.

Andrew L (us) wrote: The story outline & premise has been copied oh so many times, but none have matched Kubrick's dark & sinister vision

Inta K (gb) wrote: good and interesting movie

Cheryl C (us) wrote: Realistic man looking for the Gospel to unfold. What a shame he's gone. The simple meaning of Grace gets so complicated by our strongholds. This is a profound message of Grace.

Reggie B (jp) wrote: I thoink one of River Phoenix Best Performance

Tim T (fr) wrote: Fun movie, lots of magic and action.