Jai Bolo Telangana

Jai Bolo Telangana


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:2011
  • Language:Telugu
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:india,   struggle,  

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Steven L (gb) wrote: One can never have enough reminders: people who are taught to hate each other can find common ground when see each other as people. Director Eran Riklis uses this theme often, and while it comes across as contrived in places in "Zaytoun", it still proves a powerful message.

Ciaran M (au) wrote: a movie with interesting concepts and ideas but are terrible executed, the over horror elements are nowhere to be seen for a large portion of the film, and left me slightly bored, the video style which is presented throughout the film may be slightly overused to a painful degree nowadays, but the director and producers use it to the films advantage with tense panorama sections and create a bit more connection to the characters, but the problem with that is that the characters to be felt uninteresting and boring, there personality's seemed slightly blank, puppets almost, and there is almost a too wide of a gap between each of the gaps for the scares, although the largest problem although the most evident problem, although this does more apply to me personally, is the closure there is no evident explanation of who or what was behind everything if it Leo, or a paranormal entity or anything else etc and in the end left a sour taste in my mouth. overall some interesting scares, but an incredibaly long and boring buildup with an evidently bad payoff.

Tim C (ca) wrote: Different Talky Zombie Movie

Farsheed F (mx) wrote: Three Words, Mind Numbing Action. Stupid fun, but lacks in a coherent plot and acting is sub par from most of these legends.

Darren P (nl) wrote: It's like they had a really cool idea for a documentary, but none of what they expected to happen happened.

Alexander C (br) wrote: ''He not only gets inside me, he worms his way into my heart like a snake. Deeper. All the way in. I take him in like a slave. I play my part faithfully so I, too, can get to his heart...''An espionage thriller set in WWII-era Shanghai, in which a young woman, Wang Jiazhi, gets swept up in a dangerous game of emotional intrigue with a powerful political figure, Mr. Yee.Tony Leung Chiu Wai: Mr. YeeWei Tang: Wong Chia Chi / Mak Tai TaiAng Lee once again proves what a visionary Director he is, showing attention to detail in every shred of material examined. Lust, Caution is another offering from the masterful Lee which dazzles, entrance's, shocks and has you glued to the screen, every step of the way. To me it has similarities to the perfect German slice of Black Book, on the espionage and Period Drama stakes.The cinematography, costumes and locations (which range from Shanghai to Hong Kong) ooze authenticity and luscious unrivaled quality. The amount of extras used really is breath taking and the feel of 1930s 1940s Occupied China is captured in every way. Ang Lee is clever in the way he can capture the feel of a particular era, whether it be Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon or Brokeback Mountain he always seems to master the environment and feel of the time. Lust, Caution he does it yet again, with spectacular results.To kill the enemy, she would have to capture his heart....and break her own.Moving onto performances, well the entire cast are on top form, not just the main characters either.Tony Leung as Mr Yee is untouchable in his execution of his character. Previous films have confirmed his high level of acting yet Lust, Caution definitely again like 2046 cements the fact he's got a passion in his craft. Mr Yee is a faceted character, who's collaborating with the Japanese. At times you can sympathize with him, others you want to ring his neck. He's a typical man who we see a glimpse of weakness in his affections for Mak Tai Tai.Wei Tang really steals the show with her performance as the leading lady. She's beautiful and sometimes without even the need for words, her eyes convey more language and soul than anything else. You begin to experience the journey by her side, with her as Lust, Caution progresses.The sex Scenes aren't to me, that graphic. Obviously there's some scenes which may be classed as violent and aggressive, but the evolution of the act requires a variation. I love how Tai Tai becomes so caught up in her involvement with Yee she begins to develop feelings for him. The passionate love making is charged and heated, often depicting the emotional battle going on between the two as they wrestle with their respective consciences.There was one occurrence of relatively violent proportions which was well shot. Reminded me of Julius Cesar dying for some reason. If you know the Scene I mean then tell me I'm not crazy, otherwise yes it's confirmed. Other than that theres not much examples of action and gore, which is good. It's not necessary.Lust, Caution also emphasizes the ideologies and routines of the times. Also the merging of Japanese culture in China as they occupy the Country. Of course the Chinese being a proud people are divided in opinion against their over sea rivals. Ang Lee manages to make a point of this without having to make it too obvious, so while he gives us a stealthy heated love story he also cleverly slips us a history lesson. All the things I've stated mixed into an equation spells a master stroke of greatness from the maestro of movie making. With Lust, Caution Ang Lee's piece will have you loving the music, the period and may even compel you to do more research of the times back then. Cleverly Lee also leaves an after taste in your mind, of History repeating itself and a poignant reflection of what it is to love and be someone else.

Rena T (ru) wrote: It was an interesting movie and had me laughing at some parts. However, I'm assuming there is a moral to this story but I have not seen it anywhere.

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Sirisha S (ru) wrote: I LOVE THIS MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brian P (gb) wrote: I know it's about the Bills, but it's really not that great of a movie.

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Melody H (gb) wrote: Melody Hill Mohandas Gandhi is a Hindu man on a mission. His mission is to fight against the British Government who rule over his country and suppress his people. His goal is Freedom for him and his people no matter the cost. It is tale of good vs evil. Who will triumph? This is a movie of inspiration and one that will leave you looking in the mirror questioning your own morals and values. It is an autobiographical movie of Mohandas Gandhi. The movie Gandhi starts in reverse. It shows Gandhi as an elderly man in New Delhi India being executed in front of a large crowd of followers by what appears to be a young man of Indian accent. Then the movie goes back in time to 1893 in Southern Africa where we see a Gandhi as a young attorney. He sees what he calls injustice laws against Hindus, Muslims and other minorities and he begins to protest by burning the British passages or laws. The British police officers proceed to beat him with canes until he passes out and is later put in prison. The word spreads quickly of Gandhi and his non-violent protest. His believe is that, like Christ, you must be willing to take on violence without violence then the angry toward them decreases. This becomes the underlining theme of the movie. Once the non-violence movement was started in South Africa Gandhi went back to his home country of India in 1915. This is where he tried to unite his people against the British rule and led many non-violent protest to gain their freedom. Over 1500 Indians were killed at the hands of the British armies. After going to prison and court many times Gandhi finally led his people to Freedom, but the ones who united with him started a civil war amongst the Muslims and Hindus, which leads us to the final scene of Gandhi being shot and killed. With his death he created one of the largest religious movements in history.This is my second time watching this movie. It inspires me and has me look at my own religion in comparison. Gandhi was not just a Hindu but a God follower who accepted all religions. His teachings and the way he lived his life can be seen in other religions today. For example in Christianity we also teach that Jesus (God) was a believer of non-violence all the way to his death. It also speaks of fasting and pray to come closer to God and other Christians. Gandhi used pray and fasting in the same way. Gandhi lived as a minimalist. He made his own clothes, grew his own food, helped built villages and anything else he needed. This is similar to Buddhism, where they do not believe in worshipping material possession, but rather live as beggars. They believe this will bring them to an enlighten state. Overall, Gandhi has influenced a variety of people and religions through his movement.

Linda B (de) wrote: I thought Ulliel did a good job as young Hannibal. However, the storyline did not really explain how Hannibal became a monster. Thousands of children experienced similar traumas during the War & managed not to become psychotic cannibals. Much more development of this theme needed.

Matthew D (ag) wrote: I was never one for Star Trek time travel stories, which usually feature little sci-fi space action, add nothing to the series overall plot or character arcs, since everything has to be put back in its place, and features the same themes (avoid changing the timeline). Having said that I'm not sure the attitude of gay abandon towards continuity here is preferable and the examination of environmental issues is different but not subtle or nuanced, rather going for the banging you over the head approach. However, placing the message in a film this fun was the right way to deliver it. The fish-out-of-water (and sometimes in water) comedy shows once again the flexibility of the franchise, just when it could've been starting to get stale. It may be preposterous, but it knows it, and that's part of its charm; the earnestness and refusal to take things too seriously (when not talking about the treatment of whales), combined with the charisma of the cast make it hard to dislike.