Jai Veeru: Friends Forever

Jai Veeru: Friends Forever

Bangkok-based con-man, Jai, steals cars, and cons residents. While flirting with a girl in a bar, faces-off with her brother and his friends, and a male, Veeru, comes to his assistance. Both become close and eventually inseparable friends. Their friendship ends abruptly after Veeru reveals his true identity and arrests Jai. Neither are aware that they have a common enemy in Tejpal - who is determined to do away with both of them once and for all.

Bangkok-based con-man, Jai, steals cars, and cons residents. While flirting with a girl in a bar, faces-off with her brother and his friends, and a male, Veeru, comes to his assistance. ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Judge L (mx) wrote: Have not watched this since it first came out. Two times is plenty for this one.

Luv L (ag) wrote: It is a good fun movie, that even children would like! Good plot, acting also descent, and the effects are pretty good. *Sponsored post

Jamie D (de) wrote: Best comedy film I've seen for a long while with some scenes that had me in stitches. A simple idea of a kid bullied by his PE teacher who later in life ends up proposing to his mother as the son and step father to be are on a collision course which is sure to crack anyone up. A definite easy watch if you want a movie to cheer you up.

Pej D (us) wrote: average comedy centered around a limited time frame of female reproductive desireability called window theory from only males' point of view. a lot of jokes fall flat but the message is clear.

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