Jailhouse Rock

Jailhouse Rock

After serving time for manslaughter, young Vince Everett becomes a teenage rock star.

After serving time for manslaughter, young Vince Everett becomes a teenage rock star. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kyle M (it) wrote: Redbox it, very amusing for $1.50

David E (mx) wrote: A fairly good movie with descent scary moments. The story had several holes in it. And the ending left it open for a sequel, but it's a sequel you can give a shit about. I'm just glad I didn't pay money to see it in the theaters.

Ollie W (ca) wrote: Easily the weakest of Sono's "Trilogy of Hate" (which includes the excellent Love Exposure and the dark and brutal Cold Fish), Guilty Of Romance is at it's best an often hilarious deconstruction of Japanese traditionalist culture and chauvinism and at worst, a meandering, confusingly edited, existentialist adaptation of many idea's central to Kafka's The Castle. Unfortunately, this heavily cut theatrical edition has clearly removed most of the footage revolving around the initial murder mystery (an idea that is seemingly dropped after ten minutes) and instead focuses on Mizuno's journey from submissive housewife to philandering whore. Incredibly witty at times, and interestingly shot, this film really deteriorates in the last thirty minutes, Sono's technique almost unbearably repetitive, confusing and pretentious. Sono drives those points home with all the subtlety of a sledge hammer, and then proceeds to bludgeon your dying enthusiasm over and over, long after the idea has been processed.

Geoff J (au) wrote: Three good leads, one over cooked plot...just doesn't know if it wants to be a thriller, domestic drama or b movie horror, and in the end is just a bit of a mess...

Robert W (fr) wrote: yawn not worth a mention

Riccardo R (jp) wrote: Esattamente quello che mi aspettavo di andare a vedere: catastrofe, alta tensione, lotta contro il tempo e claustrofobia.L'unica cosa che mancata, stata una caratterizzazione maggiore dei personaggi, infatti alla fine del film non che si abbia la sensazione scoperto molto dei loro background.Kurt Russell ha recitato discretamente, ma in questo ruolo sembra aver perso un po' lo smalto dei vecchi tempi, mentre ho visto bene Josh Lucas nel suo ruolo.Gli effetti speciali sono stati a mio giudizio molto buoni.

Jana C (jp) wrote: Love Reno and Cassel

Jeanine V (au) wrote: It had it's goofy and "chick flick" moments, but overall not memorable. I'm a little surprised it got an R rating.

Jesse F (nl) wrote: With a twisted performance from Helen Mirren, it's a nail-biting black-comedy thriller with a terrific ending.

Greg S (mx) wrote: Ed, a horrible but devoted salesman in a cult-like real estate sales "Organization," agrees to help shut-in Rubin bury his dead cat in hopes of getting him to attend a recruiting seminar. Howard Hessman and Crispin Glover are great in this sharply-written, sadly-overlooked comedy gem.

Ana B (au) wrote: Me parece magnfica.Era la segunda vez que intentaba verla en la tele -la primera me dorm muy cansada-y aguant lo indecible,pero lo consegu.Es muy dura,te remueve todo lo que puedas sentir y padecer,yo acabo como si me hubieran apaleado pero me siento obligada a saber para comprender..