Jakten på Bernhard

Jakten på Bernhard

Director and cartoonist David Liljemark tries to make contact with Bernhard Redenstedt, a mysterious 82 year old widower, who has been putting up little hand-written notes all over the ...

Director and cartoonist David Liljemark tries to make contact with Bernhard Redenstedt, a mysterious 82 year old widower, who has been putting up little hand-written notes all over the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Pranav K (br) wrote: Action Replayy wasn't all that bad a film, but it definitely wasn't a Diwali Dhamaka. as we were all hoping it to be. Aishwarya is looking stunning. The actor playing the protagonist did a good job, but I think it would have been better and more interesting if a more established star had his role. Om Shanti Om, which also has a major portion of the film taking place 1970s/80s and done masterfully by Farah Khan, Action Replayy just doesn't match up. The depiction of that retro era seems too tacky, forced, and stereotypical. The story is very elementary, it's not gripping at all, the comedy is very weak and just evokes a few chuckles, and the experience is not at all memorable. Music is good. The best tracks are Zor Ka Jhatka and Nakhre. While the first half is quite a drag, the second half just about makes up for it. The last few scenes are really nice.

Mark N (nl) wrote: More than a decade after the terrible original this new movie actually starts off really well. The creatures are far better realized and filmed with some reasonable sets, nicely constructed props and digital backdrops that create the atmosphere the original lacked.Unfortunately as the core story gets underway plot holes and just-because story telling comes into play and the opening efforts get squandered. Worse still towards the end when Henriksen appears the plot nosedives into inexplicable Aliens rip-off territory (including tongue through the head kill!). Stealing from better movies is one thing but such poor imagination when you started so well seems all the worse.

Rory Fyfe S (nl) wrote: Well acted movie. Clever idea. Well done. Great idea for the story. Great animation. Top movie.

Hans J E (fr) wrote: Not as good as Pusher, but still a pretty good movie from Refn.

Andrew U (fr) wrote: Relishes in its stupidity resulting in a largely comical and entertaining watch, which is more that can be said about Alien 3.

Micah B (us) wrote: I saw this in 5th grade, and the performance was overwhelmingly simple. However the script was strong and thankfully it got us through the class without our teacher screaming at us like a rabid dog (as she usually would)

Manolo P (kr) wrote: Putting aside the comments that this is not the best film by Woody Allen, we really have to see what he says substantially. The story conveys tenderness, humor, and love at all times, and the handling and complexity of the dialogues ensure that the story is directed to those who already have previous knowledge of outstanding writers of the early twentieth century. Full of purity and magic, the film is intent on capturing a series of dreams, which carry us and make us pursue with more force what is desired. It is not perfect, however, it is already one of my favorites. Allen knows what he does, in his dialogues, in his personal projections and perspectives, and all of this is achieved through a graceful, ingenious and enlightening plot that, although it can or not be of the style of everybody, it must be observed with attention and must be felt with the mere face of a young, dreamy and passionate thought for the arts and for the desires we long for. 94/100

Short n Sweet A (fr) wrote: My favorite movie directed by Oliver Stone. Wall Street bleeds with class andshows you the down side of taking short cuts in life.