Thomas and Marianne, a feuding couple whose relationship has hit a wall, decide to spend a weekend at Thomas' uncle's lakeside cottage. This is their last chance to save their relationship,...

Thomas and Marianne, a feuding couple whose relationship has hit a wall, decide to spend a weekend at Thomas' uncle's lakeside cottage. This is their last chance to save their relationship,... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jacob B (gb) wrote: Big Hero 6 is just as beautifully animated as fans of Disney movies have come to expect...as well as packed full of thrilling action on par with the Marvel Cinematic Universe, full of laughs, boasting amazing voice acting and emotional drama especially early on in the film when our main protagonist loses his older brother in a tragic accident.

Christopher J (ca) wrote: I've been a huge Thor fan boy for a long time and it wasn't going to take much for this movie to satisfy me in some way. Amazingly, it failed on almost every front. The animation is okay... just really boring. A story about a teenage Thor had so much more potential than this.

Brigitte W (jp) wrote: So this is how China helps develop a country? Shocking but informative.

Adam W (br) wrote: I thought this was a refreshing sequel with a character even younger than Kevin was but also even ore clever and dangerous. Kevin's lack of sadness in this instalment I also enjoyed as it allowed for his curiosity and adventurousness to come out whilst he was 'Home Alone' rather than just Kevin's intense desire to kick back and relax (however entertaining that was). Finally I found the new criminals more enjoyable with their lack of stupidity also entertaining against the increased cleverness of Alex. Furthermore, having 4 criminals rather than 2 allowed for greater banter and even inside jokes made some of their scenes even more comedic. On the whole I thought this film a strong sequel with an equally strong storyline and cast.

Jay V (jp) wrote: Starts off great, ends up crappy.

Jeff T (es) wrote: Long but pretty good.

Jonathan B (nl) wrote: Looking decidedly creaky these days this was a Hammer exploitation of their earlier world-wide smash 1 Million Years B.C. I do have a huge soft spot for this type of monster flick and actually, some of the stop-motion creations that menace a variety of fur-clad extras are rather good. There's just not enough of them.The plot is a bit of a mess to be honest with some sort of astronomical catastrophe threatening the lives of a couple of dinosaur dodging tribes.....at least, there seems to be a great deal of pointing up at the sky and frantic chasing around which makes it a bit hard to fathom what exactly is going on.As with 1 Million Years B.C. the script is made up of a random collection of tribal sounding nonsense backed up with gesticulations and puzzled looks but, unlike the earlier film, a lot of the meaning attempting to be conveyed, is utterly baffling.These films have to be seen now really for their camp and kitsch appeal. Victoria Vetri, with her perfect skin and peroxide hair is about as far removed from a Neanderthal as it is possible to be and, whether fighting off the advances of a man-eating plant or wrestling in the surf with love rival Imogen Hassall, seems to have an air of bewilderment about her. Sadly, I think that only Raquel Welch really managed to pull off the fur bikini look with anything approaching conviction. This is a bit of a silly film and as long as you view it as such, you won't be too disappointed.

Alper A (mx) wrote: Arkadaslar bu yarm yldzda bas roldeki kzn vcudu iin veriyorum ;) Film be? para etmez :)

Robert M (de) wrote: No animated film has good fast-paced wit like Kung Fu Panda. Jack Black stars in what is probably considered his most popular animated feature character-wise, not to mention another success by Dreamworks Animation. Even though this film may have arrived during my late middle school years, this feels enough like a childhood classic to me. Not only does the film have a great story and message, it also has a unique theme and also some breathtaking scenery and nature for an animated film (that isn't Disney especially). Very well done film overall.

BRUNO V (es) wrote: Slow story , just ok