Jam Films S

Jam Films S

Jam Films S is a Japanese omnibus movie. It was released by Phantom FIlm in Japan on January 15, 2005. The movie follows 2002’s Jam Films and its 2004 sequel Jam Films 2. This time around, the overall theme is “S” which stands for succession, success, and special. There are seven shorts, all produced by Ryuhei Kitamura. Included are the shorts Tuesday by Kenji Sonoda, Heaven Sent by Ryuichi Takatsu, Blouse by Hitoshi Ishikawa, New Horizon by Ryo Teshima, Suberidai by Yuichi Abe, Alpha by Daisaburo Harada, and Suit by Masaki Hamamoto.

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Jam Films S torrent reviews

Nishit K (de) wrote: The movie disappoints in the second half. The story could have been better but the 'not so great' script undo the good work done by Farhan and Vidya

Christina (it) wrote: ahahah my mom gave this to me for xmas!

David G (es) wrote: What a piece of shit. It's amazing that the supporting ladies and Samuel L. Jackson's career stayed in tact, but Gabriel Macht had to get the short end of the stick because of Frank Miller's poor direction.

Matt G (ca) wrote: If this is Assayas's worst film, then I can't wait to watch the rest of his oeuvre. Amazing cinematography. A subjective journey along with Asia Argento has she tunnels through a masochistic world, searching for a man to feel something more for her than just turned on. Although it comes off as a gritty and dramatic international thriller, in the end, I think it has something to say about the nature of love. Wonderful.

Mohammed A (nl) wrote: It doesn't have what it takes

Stormy D (es) wrote: One of the worst movies ever. Horrible acting, unrealistic action scenes and an overall embarrassment to the story it was meant to portray. Such a disappointment!!!

Nicola W (jp) wrote: I expect this film was better in the 80s. Great cast of all the good 80s actors. Funny in parts but not great comedy. The best bit was the mud wrestling. An ok watch but not as good as I hoped

Atom J (fr) wrote: a bit wary, but it's the title of my favorite track of all time (by eat static). so i was curious. compared to caligula, it's soft porn cabaret with nazis.

Troy M (ru) wrote: I love the scene were Helen Reddy sings to Karen Black.

Jason T (au) wrote: As far as sports movies go Woodlawn has a lot of heart and soul to it with a good message but collapses full of sports cliches. The movie is predictable, by the numbers and full of about every sports clich you can think of. Performances are decent and it is based on a true story which is good. The movie does get a little preachy at times and does go on a bit longer than I would've hoped for.