James Bond

James Bond

Five friends in hiding after their local business goes bankrupt stumble upon a baby that changes their lives.

Five friends in hiding after their local business goes bankrupt stumble upon a baby that changes their lives. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Aaron I (br) wrote: Hoffman is perfect as usual, for those in the security field this film will resonate, others may find it lacking substance and direction.

David J (de) wrote: Kunis and Timberlake are hilarious, and work really well together. Some of the best on-screen chemistry I have ever seen in a comedy.

Andreas H (au) wrote: God kristenfilm! Anbefales!

William N (us) wrote: A great eastern western prequel to the legendary spaghetti western antihero Django.

Jeremy S (br) wrote: A (refreshingly) dark take on the quirky indie love story. Creating characters that you can care about is where this movie's strength lies. It didn't feel too unique outside of the story's concept, other than the ending: sweet, optimistic, and beautifully understated. The Gogol Bordello soundtrack was the icing on the cake.

Erin D (au) wrote: Creepy on so many levels.

Chao W (it) wrote: 1/2"... (R) ( (C) 1/4 (C))

Virgil G (ca) wrote: I'm astounded to the reaction this film has garnered from critics and audiences alike. A true Alcoholic would understand the fantasy world Sandra Bullock was portraying and lived in.An emotional ride into the true world of an addiction run life.

Joshua L (es) wrote: I thought this movie looked great and was awesome to watch but the ending fuckin sucked.

Claes J (mx) wrote: En riktig 80-talsprla, och kanske den enda film med Meg Ryan som jag tycker om alls - men det r kanske inte hennes frtjnst egentligen. Man undrar vad som hnde med Martin Short's karrir. Hr r han vldigt roande i vilket fall. Dennis Quaid skiner som vanligt. En vldigt tillfredstllande film som jag grna hade sett ngon form av uppfljare p.

Ted W (us) wrote: shocking at times, and some of the nighttime street scenes were very well shot. Overall it's okay.

Luke W (br) wrote: The performances are excellent, but the interviews bog down the picture. As a whole, this is good for casual fans of Hendrix's music, but diehard fans will likely be disappointed with the quality of the interviews.

Ben W (de) wrote: this comes as a mostly disappointing end to dreyers career. 4 years before his death he crafted this somewhat philosophical rumination on love from the point of view of a middle aged woman. the impossibility of reconciling ones individual will with others and the world is the primary theme of the film, but it is dealt with in very alienating, bland terms, sometimes alarmingly obtuse given the clarity of dreyers vision for his previous films like ordet. perhaps it was baard owes insight in the special features of the disc that dreyer made the film for middle aged women that makes it impossible to penetrate for me. however, i still admire the form with his spare, almost theatrical sets and some great shots to accompany it. but in the end, it was neither entertaining nor stimulating.

Quincy T (gb) wrote: Decent scenery, lousy company. Having an obnoxious cameraman on found footage is the equivalent of seated next to a loud texting person in cinema. Extinction has a couple good moments and the setting is presentable, but almost half of the movie is spent on bickering. If it's for realism of human drama, it's doubtful that actual documentary people would argue as much and the banter is not exactly appealing. For the encounter with alleged monster, it has so little impact since the effect is far from compelling, so barely anything works in Extinction. The film follows the journey of scientists and filmmakers to the depth of Amazon. They soon find out that the forest hides a very insidious secret. The use of found footage is mainly to create a sense of involvement for audience, yet the movie has a very confrontational cast. Nearly everyone would mumble in antagonizing manner almost in every scene, especially the cameraman James who is utterly annoying.He would instigate people and react poorly when interacting with others. It's probably for humor purpose, but it gets tiring very fast. There are the rudimentary comments on the existence of creature which are plodding the already uninteresting endeavor. Some scenes involving actual fauna is a bit better to establish the authenticity, though these are few between all the squabbles. As expected there would be unclear shots as the monster eventually reveals itself. It's not half bad since a couple of these instances are engaging. However, the effect for said monster is not convincing. The movie doesn't have the luxury of smooth mix of usual camcorder view and CG like Troll Hunter or Cloverfield. Not to mention the cast is unfriendly, it won't garner much sympathy.In the end, Extinction doesn't offer an amusing journey, let alone the grandeur encounter the poster falsely advertises.