James Dean

James Dean

The man behind the legend and a knowing look at the 1950's Hollywood are revealed in this dynamic bioepic of the meteoric star whose troubled life echoed his gut-grabbing performances in East of Eden, Rebel Without A Cause and Giant.

A biopic about the actor James Dean, whose stardom of the ultimate teenage rebel as well as the premature death made him a legend. His roles are depicted having much in common with his ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Rabar H (au) wrote: I enjoyed this film, its been a while since I last saw a comedy film this good. I've never walked away from a film and wanted more like this. Keep the movies coming who ever directed Hirokin The Last Samurai.

Rachael H (jp) wrote: A really interesting and original film. It's so weird for a Bollywood film to attempt this genre. The girl in present day was much weaker and more annoying than her last incarnation. I like the co-co nut bit, for some reason that worked because she really wanted the pain to endure and fury her vengeance. The reintroduction of her husband seemed a little out of place, just because he hadn't been in a lot of the film and we didn't get to know him. However, we do know her grandmother and so the prospect of killing all her family is still threatening. Pasupathi is a cool character and if you can remember that this is a fantasy and enjoy all the magical stuff, watching him want his revenge is fun. I like the "Mwahhh gahhh ahhh" sounds he makes, making it comical but still haunting background sound. There were only a few songs and they were either very short (like when Jejemma threatening him with music of satan etc) or they were for the more happy bits like the wedding song near the beginning. I found the film very enjoyable. Loved the idea of a sword of bones (sure it's been done before though) I found the flashback story more interesting than the now-time until the end and the final confrontation. It's a bit bloody but not too much gore.

Yuri B (es) wrote: Can't believe I had not watched this til now... Deschanel was absolutely superb & Harris, Ferrell, and Warner were excellent... if you have not seen this film, please do... I am absolutely surprised by how truly good this film really was.

Carol H (kr) wrote: A forgettable and childish film.

Red L (es) wrote: This movie has its pros and cons. Pros: Good acting - idea has lots of possibilities - not often we get this sort of combination of mystery and romance - I liked the vague ending. Cons: too long or drawn out.

Nathaniel B (ag) wrote: I just remember loving this movie as a kid.

Tam (ag) wrote: One of the GREATEST Movies of all time!!! :D

Shira P (br) wrote: I saw this movie because a bit of it is taken for the beginning of On the Might of Princes's "For Meg" (an amazing song). The movie was soooo forgettable, and the video store I borrowed it from went out of business, so I still have the movie.

Steve L (br) wrote: Very good historical lesson about the revolutionary conflict in Nicaragua. It's a very touching story also, you can see why it's important to see the viewpoint fron a Non-american objective thru a photographer's camera.

Ben K (ru) wrote: Thank you, GVSU, for requiring me to see this movie. I probably would have missed it otherwise, and by golly that would have been a shame. The "Forgotten Man" number is pretty much epic.

William T (ca) wrote: Mixed. Hard to rate. 5 or 6.

Stephen W (it) wrote: The critics are dumb "unfortunately hamstrung by jarring tonal shifts and a disappointing final act." - it's the clever tonal shifts and fantastic and brave, perfect ending that really make this film, plus the tenderness of the relationships, and biting humour. This film deserves to be rated much higher and doesn't deserve poor ratings from people who didn't get it or wanted a happy ending

Sydney B (ca) wrote: This movie has and will always suck, big nasty ones.

Jason K (ru) wrote: This movie Like the Minions Themselves Is extremely FunnyNOTE-Please Don't Think I'm A Freak Because I Like this film

Dennis P (ca) wrote: better than I expect ...

MikeR (de) wrote: Predictable garbage trying to promote a political agenda. The story about Jenny who is so ashamed of her life-style choice that she constantly lies to her family instead of telling them. When she finally tells them she can't understand why they are upset. The continual lies may have something to do with it. But they all accept it in the end, after the movie goes through the motions of promoting same sex marriage and showing heterosexual marriage as problematic. But on the positive side, Tom Wilkinson and Sam McMurray are in it.