Jamie Foxx: I Might Need Security

Jamie Foxx: I Might Need Security

In this concert film, originally broadcast on HBO, Foxx offers up his signature brand of comedy to a sold out crowd at the Paramount Theater in Oakland, California.

Jamie Foxx performs live from the Paramount Theater in Oakland, California. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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William James S (ag) wrote: I was sort of a fan of the TV series because a lot of my friends watched it. This movie is really just an extension of the TV series. It seemed long, although it runs only 91 minutes. It was silly and funny at the same time, with a bunch of British celebrities playing themselves in absurd situations. It reminded me of one of those "Carry On" movies from the 60's and 70's, which I really liked as a kid because they were very bawdy, which would make me giggle. I think that Ab Fab should stick to the shorter TV format, because this one seemed to wear very thin very fast.

Adam M (fr) wrote: Weird film overall, as it was so dark and dare I say gloomy. But Catherine Keener can do no wrong in my eyes and in this leading role she kept my attention throughout and was as impressive an actress as ever.

Craig S (nl) wrote: Just more evidence that Gooding Jr just can't pick a decent film these days - and Lungren - oh my god

Lois Z (de) wrote: From the cheesy plot line to the overacting, this film is disappointing. Definitely not a Christmas classic.

Robert I (de) wrote: Pretty interesting way to break down how drug peddling works and how/why the war on drugs is a failure. Some may look at the video game comparison to be immature, but I think it adds to the subject matter.If I have 1 criticism its that it doesn't always sync up the stories of the people they follow. I got lost a few times with people's timelines, but overall they cover a lot of ground and it is easy to lose the trees from the forest.

Drew R (br) wrote: What happens when Draco Malfoy and the Olsen twin's sister are put into a period piece together? Drab scenes, tragedy, and slow paced filmmaking. If only Elizabeth picked Grade A scripts to go with her Grade A acting!

Dave S (gb) wrote: I haven't seen alot of Rob Zombie movies, so I felt like I should give this movie a shot. I mean "Dragula" is great.... But overall, this wasn't a movie I would recommend.I'm sure that Mr. Zombie had a great time making this movie though. HIs wife was the lead. Plus the guy from Clockwork Orange is in it!. It had its good parts. It was pretty suspenseful at times. But it lacked more than it offered. I will say that I would watch another Rob Zombie movie though. Maybe the Halloween remakes.

Duncan C (jp) wrote: Joel Schumacher directed this?? I think he should stick to his one-dimensional action movies as he lacked the nuance to direct this film successfully, or at the very least, with the respect it deserves. The stellar Cate Blanchett is merely a haircut and an accent under his direction (and Bruckheimer's production). It lacked the emotional punch, the urgency and threat of danger it needed to carry the viewer through the 90 minute duration. On a side note, kudos must be given for the inclusion of Sinead O'Connor's "One More Day" over the closing credits.

Bradley H (kr) wrote: It is a bit tedious throughout the opening half hour, but it coalesces nicely with a satisfying ending. Ben Kingsley gives a novel and intimidating performance.

Harsh C (us) wrote: Typical Woody Allen, always an argument instead of dialogue. Couldn't manage more than 15 minutes of this one.

Ilsa W (it) wrote: Tho this is hardly an exciting addition to the Rom-Com genre it was a pleasant enough watch. Hayek is just too beautiful for words and Perry is a likeable enough male lead. They have enough on screen chemistry to make the story work.

Sonny H (ca) wrote: i love this movie so much! its and inspiration 2 evry1!

Harry W (au) wrote: Although not familiar with The Phil Silvers Show, I was a fan of Steve Martin and figured that I should give Sgt. Bilko a shot. I??m sure that whatever comedic material in The Phil Silvers Show is significantly different than that of Sgt. Bilko since the film feels more like a Steve Martin star vehicle than an adaptation of any other comedic material, and all in all, the film is hit and miss.Although Sgt. Bilko isn??t a boring film, it is fairly far from original. While it has an interesting comedic concept and some wacky characters, it is at best a sporadically funny comedy. The script has its moments, but overall is fairly bland and lacking in comedic originality. While the actors manage to deliver the script with relaxed and easy comedic charm, the film itself is not built on many successful humourous roots and leaves them to fend for themselves in this battle. But the battle ends up being a draw as Sgt. Bilko was a half decent movie, and the other half a little too stupid for the tastes of me and many other people.The success of the film rests largely on the dedication of the actors to the material and the visual elements of the film while faltering in other areas, predominantly the writing. While Sgt. Bilko has some funny moments, it has a few too many characters and not much of a strong story to go in the direction of. I mean the entire romantic subplot of the film was merely a distraction from the main plot and added nothing to the characters and no laughs to the story. It just got in the way of things and made the experience a more tedious and unoriginal one which it already was to a certain extent. Sgt. Bilko wallows through a lack of originality for 94 minutes and much of the time it wastes itself on an unnecessary romantic subplot instead of on Sgt. Bilko himself and his relationship with his soldiers. Essentially, the focus in Sgt. Bilko is constantly shifting and never really keeps to one story dynamic and attempts to cover more ground than it can handle which ends up rendering it less comedically successful than it could have been.But ignoring all that, Sgt. Bilko does have its moments. Admittedly I didn??t laugh too much but I enjoyed the relaxed nature of the film in its complicated context and enjoyed the charm of its colourful energy.From a visual perspective, Sgt. Bilko has a really thoroughly convincing military setting which makes the context of the story feel more genuine and get played out to a more successful comedic effect. The setting and scenery is very appealing and is all captured nicely with some strong cinematography, and the colour palette of the film is bright as well. Essentially, the visual appeal of Sgt. Bilko is effective and makes it an easy film to view. It is the kind of film to watch when there is nothing to do on Sunday and the film is just playing on TV. I wouldn??t say that Sgt. Bilko is worth going out of your way to see, but if its there it wouldn??t hurt to check it out because it is a simple and relaxed experience with a fairly good soundtrack too. So from a technical perspective, Sgt. Bilko doesn??t have any flaws and it has some memorable imagery such as a horse suspended in the roof of a warehouse and a hover tank.The only consistently successful element of Sgt. Bilko is the cast which manage to making a refreshing effort with the exception of Gleanne Headley whose generic female character was simply annoying. It isn??t her fault though, it is the fault of the writers for putting her character in.Steve Martin manages to perfectly embody the titular role of Sgt. Bilko for every second of the film. Thanks to his natural comedic skills as an actor, he manages to put a lot of charisma into the role and ensure that although the film is simply a star vehicle for him, that it was a good idea to cast him. As Sgt. Bilko he manages to make the role convincing due to his swift and sharp line delivery and ability to interact with the cast in a manner that seems impulsive and yet well thought through at the same time. Steve Martin makes the character convincingly effective at getting himself in and out of all kinds of crazy situations due to his natural comedic charisma, and it reminds audiences just how funny he is even when working with insufficient material. He breathes plenty of life into Sgt. Bilko and makes it more enjoyable to watchWhile Phil Hartman isn??t the best choice for an antagonist because he doesn??t have too much of an aggressive nature, for a Steve Martin comedy he manages to do the job with ease and delivers his lines with a sense of natural annoyance at the character Sgt. Bilko. He plays the antagonist of the story with ease, and while it isn??t his finest effort it is good to see the late actor working with Steve Martin as the two make an enjoyable comedic duo.Dan Akroyd is also a good cast member to have on board due to the nature of his past as a comedic actor and the easy nature of his performance and chemistry with Steve Martin. His line delivery is confident and swift, and when he engages with Steve Martin it is quite entertaining.Chris Rock is also a good presence because of how he would later go on to experience massive comedic success in film and television. So Sgt. Bilko is not worth going out of your way for because it is only a sporadically funny comedy which wallows in comparison to the successful source material that inspired it, but fans of Steve Martin should hopefully be pleased with it due to his charismatic and fun lead performance in the titular role.

Tedmund A (gb) wrote: LOL..Van Damme in his tights!!! Classic!

Mario G (ru) wrote: Pretentious movie that falls short from its insightful message. If you ever wondered why Joanne Woodward didn't act more and Paul Newman didn't direct more movies then watch this movie. Stunned to learned it was nominated for a couple of Oscars.

Greg W (it) wrote: this works occasionally but not all of it.

Maddie M (ru) wrote: I own it on VHS!! One of my favorite films I own! I have watched it so many times too! It never gets old! Love it!!!

Dinesh P (ca) wrote: Adapted from the novel the story involves various characters and each character is as human as other. The culmination of the film gives out the message of the film that True love does not care what will happen tomorrow only problem is that we do not understand love. A movie worth a watch.

Kelly P (ru) wrote: Glad I finally saw it. Love the song collaboration from John Legend and Common that won the Oscar in 2016!