Jamie Foxx Unleashed: Lost, Stolen and Leaked!

Jamie Foxx Unleashed: Lost, Stolen and Leaked!

Jamie Foxx goes back to his Texas roots where he's more outrageous than ever in this no-holds-barred performance! Star of television ("In Living Color," "The Jamie Foxx Show") and film (Booty Call, Any Given Sunday), he's also one of America's hottest young stand-up comedians, telling it like it is on everything, from rap's angry lyrics to dating and sex. The master of physical humor combined with 100 percent real honesty and dead-on impersonations, Foxx is pure electricity onstage, driving the jam-packed audience over the edge with laughter!

Jamie Foxx performs live in Texas. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Jamie Foxx Unleashed: Lost, Stolen and Leaked! torrent reviews

Monny M (jp) wrote: Watched this a couple nights ago (broadcast TV version) with the kids.

Danielle S (nl) wrote: wth kind of ending was that?

Cha D (nl) wrote: already awesomely asstastic already :)

Vidra V (it) wrote: much ado for nothing!

Kat A (ca) wrote: Better than the first one

Carlos R (it) wrote: A great TV film, realistic and sometimes very shocking and powerful

kay r (gb) wrote: But its not the kinda film i thought it was, its quite emotional

ANDERSON G (es) wrote: Inspired by the manga manga, "Oldboy" impresses the West, as it deals with violence and revenge in a surprising way, showing that even the smallest acts have their weight. We see here the story of Oh Dae-su (Choi Min-sik), a man full of regrets and sins who one day is imprisoned for fifteen years in a room, and when he leaves, he wants revenge, it seems a simple script, Make no mistake, inside this revenge we have several layers, twists, intrigue, suspense, action and of course, a touch of black humor. The photograph of "Oldboy" is very beautiful, all the colors are very defined, Dae-su's room is dazzling and at the same time despairing, the city is lifeless, we have that neon touch in dark scenes, even the same Being present, is an extremely clean photograph, and the soundtrack, well, it is a spectacle to the part, with orchestral musics "Oldboy" is sensational, mixing the violence when orchestrating a beautiful song - as in mechanical orange (7I) - all The times that your theme music plays, you delight and serve perfectly as a counterpoint to what is being shown the screen, and the last technical aspect that I would like to comment, what a fabulous edition, my congratulations. Yoo Ji-tae has a sensational performance, it's that villain that makes us all hate him, that is, he fulfilled his role, Choi Min-sik impresses at times with his expression caricats and scandals, but he lacks a dramatic tone And Kang Hye-Jeong does not have a dramatic or humorous tone, but is beautiful and concentrates all the attention on screen, this is the film that consecrates the career of the great director - the most popular in Western culture - Park Chan-Wook. The film does not contain an explicit moral, quite the contrary, it completely attacks and distorts what we know about morality, and its final message is troubled, loaded with oriental manias, "Oldboy" behaves very well, even in his scenes galletas de Action your trail and beautiful photography. It's a worthwhile movie, and it's the perfect gateway to Korean cinema.

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Martin S (gb) wrote: De solides interprtations ( dont la rvlation Victoire Belezy ) pour le 2e adaptation de la fameuse trilogie de Pagnol! Le texte rflchi, drle et humain de ce dernier est mis l'honneur dans ce film! Touchant et captivant, Fanny de Daniel Auteuil est une vraie russite qui redonne vie cette fameuse pice de Pagnol avec brio!

Ralfthe S (jp) wrote: Awesome movie very sad tho.

Simeon M (it) wrote: A very interesting court case and story.

Cheryl W (kr) wrote: I loved it! It's strange how people can have totally different opinions. Reviewers say it is too scatological. There was a gross-out fart scene,( and yet Blazing Saddles considered a classic for the same thing.) But the other raw references were comedic jabs at confounding social customs like circumcision and eunics. And I thought the writing and the acting was hilarious. Go figure!

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Jamie Foxx Unleashed: Lost, Stolen and Leaked! torrent

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