Jamie Kennedy: Unwashed

Jamie Kennedy: Unwashed

TV and film star Jamie Kennedy (Scream, Malibu's Most Wanted, The Jamie Kennedy Experiment, MTV's Blowin' Up) performs his first stand-up concert special, filmed before a sold-out audience at the San Jose Theater. Raunchier, edgier and more unpredictable than you've ever seen him, Jamie covers a wide variety of topics including his family, being an altar boy, cat sex and fluffers. Watch him mix it up with the crowd in a razor-sharp act featuring over 40 different voices, characters and impressions!

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:48 minutes
  • Release:2006
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:stand up comedy,  

TV and film star Jamie Kennedy (Scream, Malibu's Most Wanted, The Jamie Kennedy Experiment, MTV's Blowin' Up) performs his first stand-up concert special, filmed before a sold-out audience ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Evan H (kr) wrote: In the second instalment you get to see the two mormons 5 years later. I felt this movie had a stronger storyline and you got to see the deeper core of their lives!

Al M (br) wrote: Using the torture porn aesthetic of Saw and Hostel, Live Animals follows a group of young people who are captured, tortured, and trained to be human cattle. Undoubtedly, the human captives in the film are meant to signify humanity's cruel treatment of animals. But Live Animals potentially provocative message gets watered down by bad performances and a storyline that goes on a bit too long, which is saying something since it is only 86 minutes. Not a bad effort, Live Animals does demonstrate how horror cinema can be used for intelligent purposes--it just doesn't do anything original enough to make it truly memorable or powerful.

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Rodrigo P (mx) wrote: Back in the 70`s anything that could be turned into a "disaster-jaws-movie" after 1976 was produced, even in Italy, to be launched in America to make some money. This one is no different and takes what Spielberg had to do when Bruce decided not to play it`s part at "Jaws". You almost never see the octo-monster at all. Just people screams and terror about it. The whole totally camp(??) movie became fun now for the "disaster movies"lovers among other disasters like this one. I like it now!

Christopher S (kr) wrote: This was one of the Road To films with Crosby and Hope and this one was moderately paced and very funny. Hope was one of the best comedians of all time and I think he is still underrated. Crosby was also excellent in this film and his acting skills I think are not fully appreciated. How many men could win an Academy Award for acting and be a top selling recording artist? The story itself was pretty funny and the ending was great. Dorothy Lamour was very good as the princess and Dona Drake was pretty good too. Quick 90 minutes and must see.

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Michael H (nl) wrote: I enjoyed this when it was initially released, but ultimately it's just a retread of the same old ghost story with a committed performance by Bacon

Joshua S (jp) wrote: Most of my friends are aware that I absolutely crave anything Red Letter Media puts out. But for the uninitiated, Red Letter Media is a super small studio production company based out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. They are perhaps most famous for the feature length "Plinkett" reviews, which are long, multi-part film deconstructions narrated by a fictional creepy demon-possessed murderer and shut-in (Mike Stoklasa). The most well-known of these are their takes on the Star Wars prequels and the Star Trek: The Next Generation movies. Some of these had viral popularity on the internet several years ago, and helped them gain notoriety. But Red Letter Media is so much more - they release semi-weekly reviews, B-movie discussions, video game reviews, and yes, films of their own. Their films are mostly B-horror films with a campy, ironic tone heavily influenced by Sam Raimi. These included the laughably disastrous, but innocent Gorilla Interrupted (2003), the surprisingly serious and moody The Recovered (2006), the effective Evil Dead parody Feeding Frenzy (2010), and now Space Cop (2016).Space Cop was originally a joke taken too far, like so many others on the Red Letter Media homepage. It was a fake trailer, a parody of overly serious sci-fi action movie trailers. Its popularity led to something reminiscent of the Grindhouse movies - an actual movie based on a fake trailer. For the next eight years, this small team of "hack" filmmakers worked off and on to piece together their most ambitious project to date. (IT TOOK 8 YEARS TO MAKE!)And how is the actual movie part of the fucking movie, you ask? It's...surprisingly competent. In that I mean it feels at times like an actual movie - an entertaining and humorous one that is full of the non-sequitur and abstract humor Red Letter Media is known for. The plot (?) centers on a high-tech policeman from the future trapped in modern day Milwaukee. He finds himself in pursuit of desperate aliens from a dying world who are willing to commit theft, fraud, and murder in order to save what's left of their dwindling race. Along the way he teams up with a cryogenically frozen hard-boiled detective from the 1940's. Hijinks ensue. Shit blows up. Space Cop (Rich Evans) himself appears to be a parody of Judge Dredd, as he is a near humorless law enforcer from a bleak future equipped with an overpowered weapon, an obscuring helmet that never comes off, and the authority as judge, jury, and executioner. Part of the humor regarding his character is that in the future he was respected for his careless disregard of life and was actively rewarded for the destruction and mayhem he caused. In the present, he is reprimanded and marginalized. This comes in strange parallel with the detective (Mike Stoklasa), who in the 1940's was a hero cop, but in the present his mannerisms and opinions come off as sexist and racist. Oh and he can't smoke in a police station. Both are men OUT OF TIME. (Get it? See that! They like did a thing, or something.) Obviously they clash, with the detective using wit and common sense and trying to teach Space Cop the value of such methods, while the titular hero could care less and uses gross, blunt force.The chemistry between the two holds much of film afloat, and the casual nature of some of the humor will indicate to the discerning viewer that these are people who have known each other for most of their lives. Rich Evans is quite hilarious and his deadpan delivery of ridiculous dialogue makes the character work. Evans also engages in what Red Letter Media affectionately refer to as "boobery," which are slapstick sequences in which he collides with objects and usually screams loudly while doing so. It works out better than it sounds. Stoklasa performs ably for the most apart, but there were a couple scenes where his 1940's radio and news reel announcer shtick proved distracting and overdone. Credit must also be given to Jocelyn Ridgley as a highly resourceful alien and Patton Oswalt in a humorous cameo. Space Cop ends up being funnier than the sum of all its parts and one might find it cute, despite the crass language and absurd violence. Not everything works - some of the humor does come off a little too low brow, the narrative becomes a bit predictable and tiresome, and the production value is noticeably limited in some scenes. If you can enjoy a fun, kind of dumb, B-sci-fi action schlockfest with moments of brilliance and a couple of fun characters, then you can do worse than Space Cop. If not, then there probably is no hope for a humorless, stuck up person such as yourself, dickwad. Space Cop is available on Blu-Ray and digital download. Party time is over kids. The clown...has arrived.

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