Janam Se Pehle

Janam Se Pehle

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  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1994
  • Language:Hindi
  • Reference:Imdb
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Janam Se Pehle torrent reviews

M W (mx) wrote: Not a bad movie until the end, good luck making money with this. Too negative and too bland.

Jake R (nl) wrote: I really hate it when filmmakers use v-o narration to adapt books to the screen. If I wanted to have the novel read to me I'd buy a fucking audiobook. The book's narrative annoyed me back in high school, and the movie is no different (except for being convoluted and boring). This thing just has no direction. It shoots its load of philosophical masturbation left and right, slaps in a few awkward and pointless flashback scenes and calls it a night. It's not particularly well-shot, either. Most scenes are set up with static, uninteresting, inexpressive composition. Sam Rockwell is really Choke's only saving grace (I can't imagine anyone making a better Victor).

Jeff O (ca) wrote: Potential premise ruined by non-existant production values, terrible writing, and horrendous acting. And yes, I get that it's a spoof on all of those 80's movies with those three things, but there's a huge difference and being a parody of poop and being a big steaming pile of it, as well.

The Critic (nl) wrote: A compelling film, showcasing exceptional performances from the always watchable Greg Kinnear and Willem Dafoe. 'Auto Focus' might not be as seedy as it promises, but the film is provocative enough to illustrate the sort of lifestyle 'Hogan's Heroes' actor Bob Crane lead away from television cameras.

Elliot M (au) wrote: Absolutely hilarious

Patrick M (au) wrote: A monumental film, full of serious footage and an inspiring message. The future is scary. Watch this.

Joey C (ag) wrote: Anthony Hopkins gives a brilliant portrayal of author C.S. Lewis, in this great bio of the life of the genius who wrote "Lion, Witch, and the Wardrobe."

Leena L (ru) wrote: Hmph. Evil doings in a reservation, bad cops, good cops and innocent native americans. well, now I have seen the entire film. no need to see it again.

Peter L (gb) wrote: Although the third film of the trilogy is slightly more compelling than the previous installment, The Karate Kid, Part III is essentially a disorganized remake of the 1984 original.

Richard D (ca) wrote: Although my taste usually runs towards more visually stylish giallos, I loved the hell out of this one. One of the best plotted giallos I've ever seen.

Jason H (es) wrote: The more I see, the more I think Luis Bunuel might have been the greatest satirical director.

Hugo S (kr) wrote: Mama Roma es un prostituta, que un dia termina con su forma de vida para dedicarse por completo a su hijo. Pasolini nos muestra de manera cruda como ella deja a su proxeneta, madre e hijo se re-encuentran y como el hijo se pierde en el laberinto de la cultura de los 60. Es una pelicula muy fuerte, en el sentido realista, y aun asi conserva mucho lirismo en su narrativa, me parece que para ser el segundo largometrage de Pasolini y ser considerado neofito por el ala francesa de cineastas, es muy buena.

Matt R (de) wrote: Like the majority of Kim Ki-Duk's films, this is hard going at times, but there are glimmers of genius.

Dann M (fr) wrote: What the F*CK was that! The WWE royally screws up the Leprechaun series with the reboot Leprechaun: Origins. Going for a creature feature vibe, the Leprechaun is re-envisioned as a primordial animal that feeds off of human flesh. The plot involves a group of college students who are sent off the beaten path by a local miner to see some ancient Celtic ruins, but it turns out to be a trap intent on sacrificing them to a leprechaun. It's an incredibly generic storyline, and is full of all the usual horror movie cliches. Plus, the characters really aren't that interesting, and neither is the Leprechaun. Leprechaun: Origins is just senseless violence and gore without much suspense ('cause it's very predictable).

Alex S (gb) wrote: A very brutal 1 hour and 40 minute movie!