Jandek on Corwood

Jandek on Corwood

“The longest-running, weirdest, loneliest enigma in popular music is a guy from Texas who calls himself Jandek." So begins a 1997 Boston Phoenix article by Douglas Wolk. From the bluesy, atonal music and haunting lyrics, to the artist’s steadfast seclusion and sheer longevity, everything about this man intrigues. Twenty-five years, 34 albums, and not a single live show or public appearance. Even the simple detail of the man's real name is a mystery. Jandek on Corwood is the 89-minute documentary that explores this man, his world and his music.

"The longest-running, weirdest, loneliest enigma in popular music is a guy from Texas who calls himself Jandek." Jandek on Corwood is the 89-minute documentary that explores this man, his world and his music. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tyler H (nl) wrote: Very faithful to the excellent graphic novel.8 out of 10 VERY GOOD

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Michael W (nl) wrote: Fantastic film of a self-taught and posthumously famous artist Serpahine de Senlis. Tragic but engrossing, captures the temperament of an artist very well, shows lots of paintings that are truly amazing and inspiring. I should have learned about this artist in college, but somehow didn't... hmmm...

suanne h (it) wrote: Very cute. Fun for all ages, maybe not 3, my niece was bored but I liked it!

Robynn M (it) wrote: Just saw this on cable - Annabelle Gurwitch is just whiny.

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Aroonav D (us) wrote: Heartbreaking. Difficult, yet rewarding.

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Harsh C (ag) wrote: Weird and a bit boring

Victor T (ca) wrote: Impressive/promising directorial debuts are a hard thing to come by, so when one finally appears lovers of the seventh art start to buzz about it and highlighting their greatness. This was the case in 2006 with the release of Rian Johnsons directorial debut: "Brick"Brendan Frye is an antisocial and smart teenager who one day receives a phone call from his ex-girlfriend who desperately ask for his help but two days later Brendan finds her dead. So begins a quest for Brendan to find out who kill her love one and why. Ill be honest, this is one of those films that Ive been wanting to see due to its big cult following and because Johnson surprised me with his third film "Looper" so my expectations for this film were high and thankfully Johnson didn't disappoint me. "Brick" counts with subtle but remarkable acting by most of its cast with the best being Gordon Levitt and Nora Zehetner, it works as both a homage to the noir genre and as a creative experiment of the genre, Johnsons directing is focused in the details and he manages to do much with this low budget, the story isn't the most realistic one but it is clever and it absolutely executes the noir trademarks marvelously without getting too convoluted , while the characters aren't likeable or memorable they are still interesting, the dialog is excellent (sure at times it gets a little pretentious but it mostly works), the cinematography is gorgeous, an atmosphere that feels like David Lynchs "Twin Peaks", a score that feels improvised but somehow works well within the narrative, the high school setting provides some actually funny comedy, the few acting scenes it has are used appropriately, and it counts with a well done mystery that may be small due to the setting but it still manages to grab your attention and interest. The only issues this impressive debut has are that the characters constantly speak fast or just whisper that you struggle to understand what they are saying, and the fact that at the end of the day this mystery goes to the "tell don't show" territory. "Brick" is a fantastic homage/experiment of the noir genre and it truly shows the talent that Rian Johnson has. This is by no means a realistic film but if you are willing to give credit to Johnsons ambition and execution you won't mind it. A more than noticeable directorial debut that guarantees a good time if you love cult films, want to see ambitious ideas on screen, love the noir genre, or simply love movies in general.

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