Documentary focusing on 25 year-old actress Jane Fonda as she and her director Andreas Voutsinas prepare a stage play called The Fun Couple for Broadway.

Documentary focusing on 25 year-old actress Jane Fonda as she and her director Andreas Voutsinas prepare a stage play called The Fun Couple for Broadway. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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JJ M (ag) wrote: A fitting companion to The Wind Rises. It is very affecting to watch Miyazaki and his dedicated animators at work. Something so humble and quaint, with all ideas of trendiness and hipsterness kept solidly at bay. Japan is a very special place and Studio Ghibli, unlike Disney, locks all that special formula and magic up in the mind only to be unleashed in the veracity of the workings of the hand

Andrew S (br) wrote: Set in a world 10 years following the collapse of society. The rule of the law has disintegrated and life is cheap. The film follows hardened loner Eric (Pearce) as he travels the desolate towns and roads of the outback. When a gang of thieves steals his car they leave behind a wounded Rey (Pattinson) in their wake. Forcing Rey to help track the gang, Eric will go to any lengths to take back the one thing that still matters to him.

Min K (us) wrote: Thought-provoking, moving and attention-grabbing all the way through. Jessica Yu's creative concept is one of the most unique documentary ideas ever. Imagine Joy Luck Club, but for men, and men who are not fictional characters. You wouldn't think that a terrorist, bank robber, ex-ex-gay and a kung-fu guy could have much in common, but what Yu exposes is that we are more alike as human beings than we realize. I wasn't a very big fan of some of the interspersed Greek vignettes (though it does allow for the puppetry to work), because I felt that the interlaced storylines of the four men were compelling enough without the fluff. Still, "Protagonist" is precisely that kind of film that is hard to describe in a good way.

Bill P (br) wrote: This is more noir than many people realize. It's missing the "hard boiled" parts, but has the photography and low-key acting that makes it magnetic to watch. Iceland provides a great starkness. The writing allows you to figure out the gag easily, but not all the plot points, which is nice - I can't stand the films where you can predict the final five minutes in the first five minutes.

Ed B (br) wrote: A great sequel in the children of the corn franchise. Adam Wylie was great.

Helly D (us) wrote: pretty weird, but okay.

Teone L (nl) wrote: Stunning visuals and animation, good and catchy music, great story. Overall, one of my favourites!

Lester G (au) wrote: I had a blast being in this Movie and playing a Stacy Keach double.

Richard S (gb) wrote: It's hard to rate this properly...it is SO AWFUL...but it's camp at the top of the heap. And for those of us who watched the original Star Trek, you can totally see where that show got some of their sets. The earthmen are so stupid that we actually want them to be blasted to atoms by women in miniskirts.

Edward K (br) wrote: Quite the noir indeed, this cinematic masterpiece captures the eye and keeps the viewer engaged throughout. Entertaining, funny, dark and disturbing, this film calls into question much societal standards and questions, all while keeping the viewer engaged with its distinct characters. Go see this movie!

Private U (de) wrote: Gable and Lombard have mind-blowing chemistry, but the story itself doesn't hold up. It's too bad we never got a second movie with these two.

Jason M (fr) wrote: Peter Sellers' 2nd last film and one of his wittiest. A simple gardener is forced to leave his only known home after his master dies. The Eumir Deodato jazz/disco arrangement of "Also Sprach Zarathustra" when he leaves the home is absolutely hilarious and etched in my memory forever! The "You go tell Rafael, I ain't taking no jive" sequence causes me gut-wrenching laughter every time! This is the film that you could swear that Stanley Kubrick made. In fact, the parallel with Kubrick's 2001 are evident, in the use of Strauss and the scene with the television screen on the lunarscape storefront.The ending of Peter Sellers walking on water is such a beautiful foreshadowing of his death the following year.It's interesting to note the end credits demonstrate one of the 1st (if not the 1st) use of "bloopers". Peter Sellers believed that the use of these bloopers diminished the seriousness of his performance and caused him to not win the Oscar for Best Actor that year. I agree with him.

Matt R (mx) wrote: i fell asleep. .... it felt like a old movie old references old music. .... creepy old dudes hitting on girls in their 20's .....not very good

Aj V (es) wrote: This movie has action, comedy, outrageous and silly stunts... it's stupid, but fun. It could have been a better movie, though. It needed some funnier jokes, a couple of better actors maybe, at least for the bad guys, and maybe they could rewrite the script a little. As it is, the ending isn't satisfactory, we need more to the story, but the rest of it is mostly entertaining.

Peter F (de) wrote: Yes, Noah Baumbach is releasing a second film this year, but fortunately it's much more of a delight than the underwhelming While We're Young. That said, it's also somewhat of a companion piece to the former film, as it's also a film about age gaps, diminished expectations, and false conceptions, but has more of an inspired air to it. Just as Frances Ha took shelter in Woody Allen and the French New Wave, Mistress America is very much Baumbach's modernization of screwball comedies, particularly in the later half of the second act. Greta Gerwig is great as always (even if she's even more fatuous than ever), and Lola Kirke gives a very mature and nuanced performance that acts as the ideal foil to that of Gerwig's. At 88 minutes, it's a fairly slight film, but it makes the best of its brevity.