Jane Austen's Mafia!

Jane Austen's Mafia!

Takeoff on the Godfather with the son of a mafia king taking over for his dying father.

Takeoff on the Godfather with the son of a mafia king taking over for his dying father . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Jane Austen's Mafia! torrent reviews

Greg W (ca) wrote: good period/caper pic based on a true story.

Ariane B (nl) wrote: This movie is a must see. It is intelectual, emotional and informative. It is rare to find a movie that pulls at your heart strings while remaining truthful, but Least Among Saints accomplishes it. Marty Papazian accomplishes the daunting tasks of writing, directing and acting with immense grace, and Tristan Lake Leabu exhibits talent that actors twice his age can only dream of.

Roshan Jacob G (jp) wrote: Casanovva is a big waste of time..It shows very well why the malayalam film industry is failing...A 52 year old man playing a youth oriented role..If he atleast stayed in shape we could have let it pass ,but this casanovva is definitely the fattest casanovva of all time.. The story? what story....the movie is about a exquisite flower dealer,Casanovva,who romances all kind of young girls..4 robbers start carrying out heists ,and its upto our flower dealer,Casanovva to catch them... The movie is just a lot of expensive scenes and cars ...nothing else.. Acting from Mohanlal is below average...hes too old to carry out these kind of roles.. Actresses are just there for eye candy... skip this if you really like movies...The only people who will like it are Lal fans,who think seeing him walk in slow motion is what acting is about...

Jordon J (kr) wrote: Growing Op has bad writing -- predictable and one-dimensional -- but after about 90 minutes, the story starts taking surprise turns that don't make a lot of sense. Even bad for a Netflix movie. I say SKIP IT!!!

Brian B (jp) wrote: Dracula always became a vampire due to an infectious bite by a vampire bat he was never historically the son of the Devil GTFO!

Michael M (gb) wrote: Very solid movie. A few decent action pieces and great acting all around. Highly underrated.


paola f (fr) wrote: este tipo me encanta es muy buen actor, esta es una referencia la ETA

Sanford P (ru) wrote: It's more of a thriller than a comedy, intriguing and nicely done.

Jose C (fr) wrote: bad stepen king adaptation.

Peter C (kr) wrote: This childrens animated adaptation of the Shakesperean play Hamlet is ideal for family watching. While it has a plot that has enough depth for the adult viewer, it also has the animation and fun songs to keep the younger watchers interested. When stacked up against other movies in the same category such as, Tarzan and Beauty and the Beast, it rises above, as i t seamlessly adapts this literary classic to the movie screen. Where those fall short, this animated masterpiece rises above the rest, having better adaptations to classic literature. While, Tarzan is not close to the source material in terms of story at all, the Lion King stays true to the source material, except for killing every character off at the end. While the story of Hamlet is an emotionally scarring one, this Disney adaptation is something that your entire family will cherish together until the day that they die.The characters in this movie are also ideal for any family that appeal to many demographics, some include, wacky Zazu, paternal Mufasa, wise Rafiki and the classic characters of Timon and Pumbaa. This cast of characters is so diverse that it is widely acclaimed as one of the most groundbreaking casts ever, with a white son of two black actors and a same sex couple struggling to raise an adopted child. All of these story lines allow for this cast to mold into one like none that you have ever seen on any screen.This movie is a very fast moving film, at some points it gives you the feel of a childrens adventure film, others it gives off the scent of your favorite romantic comedy but it also gives the testosterone filled action that every dad will enjoy as he watches this classic with his children. The universality of this movie is one of its strong suits, it has something for everyone in your family. You will never have to argue over which movie to watch again.One of the most important lessons that your children can take from this movie is that you can never run from your responsibilities. Whenever they ask you, "mom can I skip my homework tonight?" You can simply respond, "Well honey, do you remember what happened to the Pridelands when Simba ran away? Do you want Daddy to die and your Uncle to move in and burn our house down?" You will never have to worry about your kids whining about doing chores again!!!While this is an American treasure whos legacy will last forever, there is no denying that there are some drawbacks. One of which is that it promotes classism. Although your kids may not be aware of the political agendas present in this film, they do have a lasting impression on your kids. The classism is obvious from the very first scene of the movie when all of the species made the long trip to Pride rock in order to bow down to their supreme overlords who may eat them at any time. While it is a cool image in the movie, it can give your child an inflated sense of importance, for example, after watching this movie with their child, my neighbor had a lot of trouble controlling his son after he was sent home from school for running around and claiming that he, "ruled everything that the sun touches" while he was stealing others pencils and toys.Another drawback that this movie has, in the past been seen to be emotionally scarring to some children. Even though this is a G rated movie, there is not a single person that has seen this movie who doesn't remember the overwhelming sadness that overcame them the first time they saw the tragic scene in the crevice. Just be aware of this scene when watching with small children, if they seem to act out afterwards, I would recommend seeking counciling, but I would say this is a cultural experience that you should not deprive your children of. In conclusion, if you consider yourself a good parent, and your kids haven't watched this movie, please contact this number 800-252-2873 and tell them about it, they will be more than happy to help you out.

Tanner B (kr) wrote: Kramer vs. Kramer (1979) ????Smashing drama about wife who walks out on husband and leaves him to take care of their young son. Not a false note in characterization, the two lead performances rate--and receive--unforgettable performances. Oscars for Picture, Actor, Actress, Direction, Original Screenplay. Evocative and moving; a truly wonderful film.

Alexander C (jp) wrote: Will have to watch this one. Not necassarily good or bad. Will see. Want to watch!

Jose Luis M (nl) wrote: Uno de los primeros film noir en tocar el tema sobrenatural, el argumento se repetiria luego en muchas pelculas.

John A (ag) wrote: A surprising and fascinating little gem of a movie. Directed by Dorothy Arzner, the film is able to delve into the emotional landscape of women with dreams, women who have to work to make their living. O'Hara and Ball are both fantastic, and Arzner easily elicits sympathy for their struggle. Yet the film never stops being fun, finds time for both musical and dance numbers, and ends up being one of the more delightful films I've seen in some time.

Catinca C (br) wrote: The movie's idea is exceptional, even in a time Hollywood serves us action-packed intellectual flicks most of the time. Its execution is heavy though, it makes it slightly too 'out-of-tune' to fully be as successful as it deserves. Remarkable production, should be an example of mastery of its genre

JORGE O (de) wrote: Wow. I really enjoyed this movie allot. Love it. It's a great movie.

Martin H (br) wrote: I saw the sign, and it opened up my eyes

Priyadarshini P (gb) wrote: Hey! no one hurts Mark Ruffalo !

Bob W (nl) wrote: This supernatural murder mystery theme is now fairly well worn and now predictable for today's audiences, but Kevin Bacon's performance is compelling.