Jane Street

Jane Street

Life for the young and the beautiful Kim becomes unbearable. Her boss, Marshall helped to find her apartment, but it was killed by previous arendators. Kim suspects in the murder of his ...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:90 minutes
  • Release:1996
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
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Jane Street torrent reviews

Heba M (it) wrote: The performances are this movie's only saving grace. I didn't get what the big deal was.

Private U (ag) wrote: Freebird is an easy going film with moments of comedy genius. Most of them come while our bikers are off their tits on mushrooms. Now, if I'd ever done mushrooms, I'd guess this portrayal of such an experience was pretty much spot on. Since I was subjected to a strict Catholic upbringing by the sisters in my orphanage, I'm only guessing, of course.

gustavmarkovic31 (mx) wrote: Such vomitous thelp that this movie is, the only thing that kept me watching was to find out why in the world Julie Andrews signed on to this turgid slog of a movie. Eloise is a bratty little girl left in her luxurious suite at a plaza hotel, annoying the manager but adored by staff and guests, and cared for by her nanny (Andrews), its all predictable crap which gave me no conclusion as to why anyone would even bother to make this. the film tiptoes around making Eloise look like a brain-bleeding airhead by covering up her dottiness with some hugely unfunny comedy. do not bother. and everyone heed my stern warning.

Javier V (au) wrote: Inicio flojisimo y se va levantando poco a poco, pero demasiados altibajos. Creo que la idea fue buena pero les falt trabajarla mucho, sobre todo en cuestiones de fotografa y el guin que tena partes muy pobres. Una parte a destacar es cuando Henry habla con el periodista sobre los Temas y la Poltica, se me hizo bastante acertada y coherente. Estuvo....mas o menos...

Justin O (de) wrote: A great comedy despite its very low budget and obvious lack of star power (other than Bernie Mac's cameo), defiinately not a movie you'd watch with a chick.

Connie R (ca) wrote: This is Sandra Bullock at her best. Her roles in romantic comedies helped shaped for career for many years to come after this film's release. This film is sweet and wholesome and offers America the feel good love story that we all really want. There are movies that receive critical acclaim, but you might only watch those films once. This is a movie to watch over and over again.

Jay W (br) wrote: Great movie. This movie will keep you thinking...RACISM is still alive in this Society, and that is very sad...

Aj V (nl) wrote: Not all that interesting except for Keaton's role in the movie, which is really funny, the rest of it is just another romantic comedy musical.

Steve T (ru) wrote: In my opinion the second best one of all. Stephon from SNL should be giving this review! This movie's got everything! Battles, Enemy Boardings, Floating Klingon blood, Exile, Wrongful Conviction, Redemption, Kirk fling with a chick - who's NOT A CHICK!!!! Spock saying "Go to Hell!" Finally: Christopher Plummer as a Shakespeare-quoting Klingon!

Kandis A (de) wrote: Great movie!!! I loved how the story was told from each point of view and that there were real life accounts of the situations playing out in the media. The whole production of this film was done perfectly from the characterizations to the wardrobe and styling. I loved how at the end of this movie the filmmakers included snippets of how this whole case affected society as a whole. And lastly, I loved the jab at the end when the filmmakers suggested that the world is still male dominated and no matter how far we come along that a woman would have to work even harder than her male counterpart to be equal!!!