Jango on Tour

Jango on Tour

A road movie about the aspiring film director Mårten and his friends.

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Jeff B (us) wrote: Really solid John Wayne film with a memorable ending. Roscoe Lee Browne was like the Morgan Freeman of his time--he should have received a ton of narration work with a voice like that!

Natko B (ru) wrote: Typical low class thrash in the style of 90s...just it was filmed in 2006. It's really hard to completely waste the theme of androids and action, can be done only with extremely bad acting, boring story and similar things. This movie has them all.

Susan P (kr) wrote: Sweet, moving, touching story of life and love in much more challenging times.

Joseph H (ru) wrote: Doesn't seem interesting

Amanda C (nl) wrote: Mambo Italiano is a nice, gentle satire of an Italian man coming out to his family. It's immensely enjoyable, with some great dialogue and some nice performances. Luke Kirby continues to be massively underrated as an actor and he gives another fantastic performance here. Peter Miller can't quite keep up with Kirby, but he's solid enough that his looks make up the slack in his performance. Mary Walsh has been better, but it's Mary Walsh and I love her anyways. The film is incredibly colourful, more in line with the Caribbean than Montreal, but it adds to the light and fun tone of the overall film.Mambo Italiano isn't earth shattering or monumentally original, but it's good fun.

Paul M (ru) wrote: Oh Stevie G, how the mighty have fallen. In fairness it is a kid's movie and seems like a TV one at that.

Annie P (gb) wrote: did not hold my interest

Matt B (ag) wrote: People that saw this in the 80's think it's brilliant. I saw it last month and found it awkward and goofy, but I liked Demme's remake of 'Manchurian Candidate' so probably I'm the assole.

Dustin G (it) wrote: great performances by belmondo and deneuve. truffaut's adoration for hitchcock really shows in this mystery/suspense film with sharp dialogue and those characteristic truffaut nuances.

Gamhey W (kr) wrote: Imdb gives 7.6 from more than 110k votes and yet rt gives very poor rating for this film. unbelievable

Brandon V (us) wrote: so fucking adorable jesus christ

Jerico T (es) wrote: More to the art of stripping. The only big thing was the final show.

Evelyn L (ag) wrote: Nothing endearing about the film. Save it.

Gabriel K (ag) wrote: Not really a thriller, but it feels like one due to cleverly constructed plot that keeps the audience puzzled. The movie is crafted exceptionally well, with top-notch direction, acting, and cinematography. The story, unfortunately, ends up being somewhat unsatisfying, but getting there was still well worth it.