Released just a few years after her death, this forms a picture of who Janis was through interviews and performance clips.

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Kyle C (br) wrote: I'm sorry, I thought I was watching Shark Night 3-D. I Am? Then please tell me why that the only thing true about the title, is the Night, because there is almost no 3-D and this is not about Sharks. It's about people who like Sharks. It's rated PG-13 so there is almost no blood, no sex, no language and pretty much no point to watch this other than to see a Shark. SKIP

Karen H (us) wrote: 2015-11-21 probably saw this before, wasn't very memorable other than Hill Harper playing a cult leader.

Toad K (es) wrote: Good real life movie.

Matthew F (mx) wrote: This is a lovely Britcom/mockumentary with heart and chaotic tones in the best tradition of Ealing.

Mike R (ca) wrote: Not necessary and not any good.

Steve M (gb) wrote: Mummy RaiderStarring: Misty Mundae, Darian Caine, and Ruby LaroccaDirector: Brian Paulin When Kristen (Caine) is abducted by a Neo-Nazi scientist (Larocca), it's up to adventuress Misty (Mundae) to save her before an ancient evil mummy is resurrected. Will even Misty's considerable skills at shooting, Kung Fu fighting, and lesbian seduction save the day?! This "movie" clocks in at about 45 minutes, and even that's too long. It doesn't work as a spoof (it's not funny), it doesn't work as an action film (the fight scenes are so very, very lame), it doesn't work as thriller (bad acting and an even worse plot), it doesn't work as a horror film (horrible though it may be), and it doesn't even work as a soft-core porn flick (yeah, Misty wanders around topless for most of the flick, but so what?!). Add to this what is one of the very worst mummy costumes that has ever been put on a film that people were expected to pay money to see, and you've got something that's not even worth the time it'll take you put the disc in your DVD player. I keep hearing that Seduction Cinema makes decent films, at least if you're in the market for spoofy stuff with lesbian sex scenes. Maybe some day, I'll come across one. But, at the moment, they're scoring Zero. (Literally... I've looked at three Seduction Cinema releases, and I've given all three ratings of Zero.)

bill s (ru) wrote: Not up to Red October but still watchable......think average CIA version of Indiana Jones.

Susan S (ca) wrote: A powerful film although I do not agree with the conclusion drawn by Judith Hearne in the final scene.

Christopher S (it) wrote: I guess I must be missing something, because I found director John Huston's swan song to be an incredibly boring experience. It's sitting through an uneventful dinner party with some very dull and annoying people - and that's pretty much it, the emotions and interactions are all so slight and genteel as to be complete devoid of any form of drama. It's well made and well acted, but there's absolutely nothing here to recommend. A major disappointment.

Alexander C (jp) wrote: Live version, a must see!

Gregory W (mx) wrote: another great Bette Davis performance but the rest of cast is great too

Andrew E (br) wrote: A vary good thought experiment. The ending leaves no sure conclusion. Definitely a movie worth watching, but pay attention.

Alexander C (ca) wrote: Anther installment pinhead!

Ken S (jp) wrote: I'm not going to hide it, I dug this film a lot. If swingin' music, hot chicks in bikinis, pansy ass biker gangs, mermaids and wacky high jinks are up your alley; I think you'll like it too.