A nationalist rural drama. The plot has Ajau and his girl friend Protima working on behalf of Indian villagers, incurring the enmity of the local zamindar and the villainous Sanatan. Ajay's relentless goodness eventually persuades the zamindar to bequeath his property to the hero, and general well-being reigns as class conflict is transmuted into class collaboration. The film includes the nationalist song 'Jai jai janani janmabhoomi' and other choruses with a similar thrust.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:127 minutes
  • Release:1936
  • Language:Hindi
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Janmabhoomi 1936 full movies, Janmabhoomi torrents movie

A nationalist rural drama. The plot has Ajau and his girl friend Protima working on behalf of Indian villagers, incurring the enmity of the local zamindar and the villainous Sanatan. Ajay's... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Janmabhoomi torrent reviews

Laara C (kr) wrote: Love quirky movies like this, lots of funny moments and cute as well.

Greg W (nl) wrote: not bad comedy-great cast a 2 yuck movie.

Donna M (nl) wrote: Saw it -- was very riveting

Shane J (nl) wrote: Used to love this film when younger,its aged badly. guess it was made because of the rollerblading fad that went around early 90's. Got to admit the haim is a damn good rollerblader (so good infact he can dodge bullets just by doing nothing but going forward!!). The plots a typical gang warfare plot. good guy goes undercover in a gang,starts to like it,then unlikes it and goes back to the original plan and takes them down.you gotta ask how patrica arquette ever made it after watching this! god she's awful out acted by the haim!!

Anubhav P (au) wrote: My fav movie till date frm bollywood. Great story, great performances n an even greater music!!! Dis film is evergreen- can be seen umpteen tymz!!!!

Joshua H (fr) wrote: Amazing tragicomedy about World War II. Not easy to watch, but extremely well-acted!

Joshua D (nl) wrote: it was a really good movie, but i didn't enjoy it after it became a dream sequence or whatever that was. thought it was too long. however, i believe it's supposed to be somewhat fantastical and not to be taken seriously in the second half, but i personally would have liked to have had the same feel as the first half. also would've made the film shorter, but that's just me. nice feel-good movie though.

Daniel B (gb) wrote: its a film about the cross from steam to road transport. its a very good filmand it a film i cant get enough of

Ioana T (it) wrote: Far from being a masterpiece, the film is a decent attempt at a claustrophobic thriller. The premise is intriguing - although not original - and while full of potential, the fails to impress in the end.Despite the predictability and the simplistic plot, I found the film quite enjoyable and really appreciated the visual style (anamorphic porn - squeezed backgrounds and lens flares) and the use of sound in some instances.Good choice in lieu of something better.

Jeffrey P (kr) wrote: Impressive performances, staging and lighting effects elevate this short story of the fighter who wouldn't stay down. Not much of a third act, but the central fight is truly gripping. Great portraits, too, of fighters and audience members.

peter h (br) wrote: one of the more intresting b movies i have seen. The story is about a haunted love triangle were the spirt of an obsesive ex lover torments a jazz pianist and his future wife. its quite campy but its got good effects for a movie of its type. 3/10

Tyler Y (au) wrote: Uniquely difficult to see, and adds nothing to the genre. It might be considered a success if it were actually made by the people featured, and didn't have a director, and didn't receive a major theatrical release. One of those movies that might be OK if I watched it for free on Hulu or Crackle.