Jannal Oram

Jannal Oram

An accident interlinks the life of a driver and conductor of an ordinary bus with the lives of people of a village.

Circumstances push a bus conductor behind the wheel and what follows is death and chaos. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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craig d (ag) wrote: A touching and honest story that feels more authentic than pretty. A little incomplete at the end but a good watch regardless.

Christine T (ca) wrote: Pas aussi original que La Personne aux Deux Personnes mais drle tout de mme!

Agata G (ag) wrote: Orgazm Urba?skiej przy koszeniu Bolszewikw z karabinu maszynowego zas?uguje na Oskara.

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Steve J (br) wrote: love this amazing film!

Mariana A (de) wrote: Effectively shows the gritty realities of child abduction and their repercussions on the victims. I especially enjoyed that the film's quality itself really conveyed the trauamas and desperation being experienced by the primary characters.

Merril L (gb) wrote: I found that the movie was extremely hard to follow. There were some elements of the movie that i liked such as the strong willed character of the father but over all it was a strange movie. I did really enjoy the music to it though.

Jim B (ru) wrote: Now I can say I've seen Dominique Swain, Mischa Barton, and Bijou Phillips acting, and in one picture! They are quite talented. Decent story. I also think Lacey Chabert is adorably cute and played her part very well.

Clayton F (ag) wrote: this is another great coming out story... not all the way there as beautiful thing, but very close...

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