• Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:119 minutes
  • Release:1974
  • Language:Polish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Janosik 1974 full movies, Janosik torrents movie

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Janosik torrent reviews

Chris W (gb) wrote: Great concept/story not fully realized

Private U (gb) wrote: Chinese police movie, its not New Police Story, but it has its twists and moments too

Bob M (ca) wrote: I remember liking this movie, but I want to see it again. Miriam Margolyes does creepy really well.

Alex S (jp) wrote: I can't believe this movie is even on here! I'm giving this movie a really low score, well for one, because it was just aweful lol, but mostly because I'm not sure what the director was trying to do with this movie. If I could get a commentary on it, I think I could see what he was going for. But right now, I have to assume that he's just an idiot and doesn't know how to make a movie. Ok...acting: god aweful. I mostly blame the directing, but terrible things are happening to people, and literally no emotions are shown. probably the directors intention, but it just comes off bad. poor choice. Terrible things are happening, but there's no screaming, no panicing, nothing. And besides the acting, I'm not sure where his ideas came from. A lot of the stuff in here is so random, and I don't understand why this guy thought some of it would be a good idea. This movie is almost too bad to be 'so bad that it's good'. And that's unfortunate. But there is a tiny bit of good comedy scattered around, and if you want to see the dad from Boy Meets World in one of his first roles, then you should check this out. Wait for the 'hands' scene. it's a winner!

Dawn R (es) wrote: Love James Caan in this movie.

Irvin C (au) wrote: This film is a mixed bag. More good than bad but still mixed. It's a tad overlong. Some scenes are edited in such a way that's a bit jarring. Some of the story threads are better than others. But still, this is worth watching just for the totally crazy batshit insane final 20-30 minutes! It's a campy, trash sexploitation piece but with more sophisticated, literate dialogue courtesy of Mr. Roger Ebert, who wrote the screenplay. Filled with eye-popping colors and beautiful design, it seems like Russ Meyer threw everything on the wall just to see what sticks. It's sometimes fun, sometimes tedious but mostly interesting. Recommended for weird moods.

Amiti P (au) wrote: like the scene when he hacks nsa and access to the black widow with a simple keylogger LOL

Craig W (kr) wrote: Great ending, rough middle, good beginning.