Jariskatsis mama

Jariskatsis mama

During World War II, Georgy Makharashvili, an old peasant wine-grower, leaves his Georgian village and goes off to the front lines to find his son, a wounded soldier. But before the father ...

During World War II, Georgy Makharashvili, an old peasant wine-grower, leaves his Georgian village and goes off to the front lines to find his son, a wounded soldier. But before the father ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Rahul N (au) wrote: Dont watch this instead, watch the original marathi movie "Gandha" (Smell) which is far more superior work of the director Kundalkar. Those two star are for Amit trivedi and Vaibhavi Merchant each.

Andrew G (es) wrote: So incredibly, painfully, colossally bad.

Jim Austin T (kr) wrote: it's good as a source material in itself. novel or not novel, autobiography or not autobiography, its standout storytelling carries it through.

Omer R (it) wrote: The movie brings together two women from different parts of India -- each needing the other to save her future. One to save her husband from death, the other to save herself from it. Great acting, wonderful scenic shots, superb music. A movie about relationships, and the "dor" (or string) that ties us all together into mutual dependence.

Brice B (gb) wrote: " A la folie... pas du tout": L'amour peut rendre fou apparemment

Timothy S (ca) wrote: "Dark Blue" is a gritty, tense police thriller that deals with corruption in such a realistic way that you sincerely hope it is exaggerated for the simple purpose of making an entertaining film.Director Ron Shelton, stepping way outside of his comfort zone, has done just that and he shows a real flair for the genre after spending most of his career making sports movies. Still, Kurt Russell is the star here, and it's nice to see such a dependable actor get such a great part and do so much with it. He could have very easily taken it over the top and turned Detective Eldon Perry into a demented lunatic, but he keeps his performance and character grounded. He's not evil, he's simply doing his job the way he was trained by his family before him. When he finally makes amends at his promotion ceremony at the end, it's a great moment.There are far too many needless subplots that tend to take the viewer out of the moment, mostly involving personal relationship's such as Russell's marriage breaking up, but screenwriter David Ayer wisely updated the film to be set against the backdrop of the Rodney King trial. That really gives the film a sense of urgency and immediacy, and once the verdict is reached, the finale is that much more explosive. I'm not sure how accurate it is having only seen the riots on the nightly news, but in this picture, they sure feel accurate."Dark Blue" is pretty typical of the police thriller genre, but it has its own story to tell and it does so with skill and packs a couple of hard-hitting punches.

Carlos B (de) wrote: Its a litlle cheesy and predictable, but it holds its own without beign a superproduction... and it is really FREAK.

Adam H (gb) wrote: This was a fun little movie. Interesting take on the Arthur Guinivere and Lancelot story. I thought it had decent action, some things were a little cheesy but overall it was good. I enjoyed it.

Tim M (au) wrote: I liked it. I'm not sure a bridge between the series was needed though.

Eddie D (es) wrote: Dawn Davenport...Donald Dasher....Edith Massey NUDE!!.....does it get any better?

Peter H (ca) wrote: Retains the story of people fighting for justice and equal value in post-war Italy. Struggles to keep the balance between reality and surrealism.

David L (de) wrote: A remarkable film that deserves to be seen. Powerful, at times shocking and tense enough for any modern thriller. This is thought provoking and intelligent thriller that surprises at very turn.

Jordan F (de) wrote: Its starring monk is truly the only thing holding this mess together.

Christopher C (ag) wrote: While there action and the stunts are impressive, the story is another cliche "start another Third World War". Even though Bronson is a bit of a stiff, he still looks good as Bond. The overall film gets boring real fast because there is no way the viewer believes Bond is going to lose.

Dylan M (us) wrote: I must learn the ways of karate!

Bradley L (gb) wrote: could have been really good but falls short