Jasmine Flower

Jasmine Flower

Generational family saga set in Shanghai in the thirties, sixties and eighties.

Generational family saga set in Shanghai in the thirties, sixties and eighties. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Skyler B (de) wrote: Steve Coogan's best role fails as a whole movie in many places (its just not really all too believable that he'd rely so heavily on the criticism of what seems to be a 12-year-old boy) but is a major laugh-fest in others. A mixed bag, I like this movie for a number of reasons; solid laughs, enough about writing, quality acting. See it, but don't expect anything from Amy Poehler, whose character seems tacked on for no reason at all (she does nothing at all) and maybe leave before the last five minutes as, if you took them away from the movie, they would do nothing to change your opinion of the movie.

Felipetroll H (ru) wrote: Raw and nihilistic, profound and powerful, this is one of the best movies I've seen recently. It even left me with that uneasy feeling you get from movies like Happiness where no matter what happens, you know it's not gonna be good.

Richard B (ca) wrote: Probably one of the most depressing movie I've seen in a while. Very Kafkaesque.

Ray C (mx) wrote: Hahahahahaha. Nice use of stock footage for the shark scenes ... not!

Stacey P (ca) wrote: At first I thought it was sooo ridiculous! Outrageous stereotypes and whatnot... but if you stick with it, it has heart! It's funny, but also touching :) I love this movie!

Mlissa K (br) wrote: It was hilarious, I had a good time watching this.

Tim N (fr) wrote: so corny it's laughable

Colin F (us) wrote: I remember watching this on BBC 1 on Halloween Night in 1992 and for the first 70mins totally falling for it until Michael Parkinson becomes possessed and starts saying ??Round and Round the garden like a teddy bear?? and then thought this aint real!. Watching it so many years later on DVD it is still pretty good and its easy to see why most of the nation believed this was real! As its presented as a real live documentary team looking for a ghost in a haunted house, this is years before most haunted. It was presented as real but really was a made up drama! But never let on!It has dated and Sarah Greene??s acting is absolutely dire! But the concept was ground breaking for the time and in some places its quite spooky trying to spot pipes the ghost! Worth checking out, its good fun and quite unique. At the time caused record complaints from people who thought it was real and their was even a suicide and whatever happened to Mike Smith!

Jason S (it) wrote: Who the hell would believe that Streisand could be a hooker. There are people that will pay to fuck animals and corpses but Streisand...I don't think so.

Grant E (de) wrote: It took a while for this film to get going but once it did, it was quite entertaining. Far from the best samurai film I've ever watched but still pretty good. Toshiro Mifune is great (as always) but I've seen him play a similar role in Sanjuro. The fight scenes left much to be desired but the story made up for the lack of action.

Dean M (br) wrote: The latter part of this story shows Charlie Chaplin in a new role, and he handles it well in spite of the necessity of being as funny as possible. Chaplin as of old, with a leaven of serious acting that is well done. In the role of an itinerant violinist who does some agile antics in competition with a German street band, and who follows it with a series of love misadventures in a gypsy camp.

Ben W (br) wrote: A truly breath taking and immersive movie that has a heart of gold and will defiantly give you some feels even though there are some cliche parts but they can be overlooked giving the quality of the rest of the film.

Logan M (es) wrote: Woody Allen really pulls at nostalgic strings in this one. It's one of his best movies.

Kevin L (ru) wrote: Michael Shannon killin it. This is 20 minutes too long though.