Jason Lives: Friday the 13th Part VI

Jason Lives: Friday the 13th Part VI

Tommy Jarvis returns to the graveyard to make sure Jason Voorhees is dead and accidentally brings him back to life. Now it's up to Tommy to stop Jason's mindless killing and put him back where he belongs. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Jason Lives: Friday the 13th Part VI torrent reviews

Andrew F (us) wrote: Walks a fine line between surprisingly clever and pants-shittingly awful.

Elia G (fr) wrote: It really wasn't my thing. Although the intentions of the movie were good, it felt very disconnected.

Noname (es) wrote: Okey but not really so funny as u can think when Rowan is there.

gustavmarkovic31 (de) wrote: terrible movie. i was waiting for the cool, slick, full-thrust diamond stealing plot lines with lots of tension of whether they would get the diamond, yet i was subjected to an hour and a half of shit. the movie was drawn out and uninteresting, didnt matter to me one bit, and i was disappointed 100% after the movie.

Sakae I (ru) wrote: The sceneries of Montana were truly beautiful, but that's all.

Christopher B (de) wrote: I don't much recommend watching this if you ever plan to see the films under discussion. I watched the first half and if I'd not already seen BICYCLE THIEVES, UMBERTO D., and numerous others, I'd be plenty pissed. And yet the film isn't pitched at an audience that HAS seen them, rending it kind of pointless. I've thus far passed on watching the second half because I'm sure it will ruin something I haven't seen yet.

Deena D (jp) wrote: I just love Denzel's movies and the whole story is touching, with some amazing actors!

Mags K (us) wrote: so bad that its great

Karine M (gb) wrote: ce film a t ralis en 1993 et non pas en 2000!

Tristan P (es) wrote: The idea seems like one that couldn't fail, especially when you toss Karloff and Lee into the same film. But this is a boring, BORING movie.

Adrian B (gb) wrote: Fairly decent Nicholas Parks adapted for the screen romantic novel about a couple who randomly meet and the male is a soldier enlisted for duty. Can their love be strong enough to keep them together?

Alfredo S (ag) wrote: Judge Dredd fails on every technical aspect of conceptual depth and coherent storytelling, but its generic special effects, campy action, over-the-top acting, and unintentional hilarity makes it worth watching as a guilty pleasure.

Christopher B (jp) wrote: Very funny and entertaining. Love Cooper in this.

emily h (kr) wrote: the acting was awful so not impressed