Jasper's Ghost

Jasper's Ghost


11-year-old Jasper may just be starting puberty, but so far he has experienced a lifetime of emotions. On the day his beloved grandfather dies, he is charged with taking care of the elder's pet cat. The local town bully, Mourids however, has his own ideas on how to take care of the frisky feline and wastes no time with showing Jasper just what he thinks of cats. Enter Far, a significantly more mature girl who Jasper is attracted to. It's love at first sight for Jasper, but will Far return the puppy love or will Jasper find out the hard way that she is actually Mourid's girlfriend? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Martin T (us) wrote: When this movie started, with an amazing credit sequence of juvenile street violence and the words "and introducing John Cassavetes", I got excited. The excitement wore off fast. Amazingly, Cassavetes is one of the film's biggest problems. At age 27 (and looking 40), he's far too old to play 18 convincingly. Worse than that is his overblown performance, as if he were trying to earn some extra credit at the James Dean College of Intense Brooding. Either that or the Richard Widmark School of Psychotic Outbursts. The city block sets look especially cheap, and the film feels dated, more so than most noirs. The story was originally produced for television, and you can definitely tell. It's a lot of moralistic hand-wringing over the fate of our children, with very little nuance. There's a few interesting moments, Sal Mineo and Mark Rydell are terrific as Cassavetes' sidekicks, the Franz Waxman score is exciting, and the cinematography is quite good. Unfortunately, it's still a dud, and shows little of the Don Siegel greatness that would make The Lineup so special a couple of years down the road.

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