Jatra: Hyalagaad Re Tyalagaad

Jatra: Hyalagaad Re Tyalagaad

Plotting to make some quick cash, conniving young Monya (Bharat Jadhav) targets the residents of a village caught in a feud with a neighboring community, but his plans are jeopardized when another youth who closely resembles him also arrives in town. As each boy is repeatedly mistaken for the other, they both must contend with the two villages' feverish rivalry over which will host a religious festival. Kedar Shinde directs this comedy.

After getting their Mumbai-based underworld boss, Ramdas Mali, is arrested for attempting to abduct Mumbai's DCP Madhav Sakharkhande, Mohan, Siddhu, and their 3 slacker buddies. He is ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Anna I (gb) wrote: There are a lot of messages in this movie. The main message I got was that very often college students live in extreme poverty in order to pay for their educations. I didn't care for this movie much, I love French films and the acting was decent, especially by the lead character, Laura. However, this movie was not well done. The conversations were dull. The graphic scenes either showed too much or too little...they could have been totally eliminated or done much better. The movie overall felt rough and choppy.

Mihael T (ca) wrote: I liked the idea, and the development of the story. Whole story is good thought too, without much holes. But some parts are just overblown; why sex scene? Oh obviously because. Too cheap to watch again.

Tom M (mx) wrote: Great balancing act from the gate to the finish line. Disney didn't go overboard with cliche's or schmaltz about this bio-pic of the greatest athlete on four legs. The best effects are riding along with the jockey around the track. It will get your heart racing. Also, the time period is spot-on.

Sorin H (us) wrote: Not as good as Emir Kusturica's earlier movies, but very funny at times.

Lee M (mx) wrote: A film with solid acting and compelling emotional honesty, though hampered by a lack of narrative development and a propensity for clich.

Kevin R (gb) wrote: Alright, your ass isn't huge. In the sixties a group of friends attend a sance with a strange, creepy man named Yorga. The sance was amazing and the friends start believing in the supernatural. The friends do not know that Yorga is a vampire and the sance has caused them to be targets for his dinner. Can the friends work together to survive Yorga or will they all fall prey to his scheme? "They say the baby's neck was all chewed up." Bob Kelljan, director of The Return of Count Yorga, Scream Blacula Scream, Act of Vengeance, Cry for Justice, and Beach Patrol, delivers Count Yorga. The storyline for this picture is okay and contains a nice blend of super natural intrigue and horror. The death scenes are just okay but I enjoyed the mistresses. The acting was average and the cast includes Robert Quarry, Roger Perry, and Michael Murphy. "Get your fat ass out of the car and see if you can help." I DVR'd this picture off Turner Classic Movies (TCM) recently based on its interesting plot. I will say this is slightly better than average but not a must see. It definitely has a classic drive-in/grindhouse picture feel to it. I do recommend giving this film a shot and I hope to see the sequel to this movie one day. "Perhaps I'll have a little snack later on." Grade: C+/B- (6.5)

Hans L (au) wrote: This really is a "film of the moment" and was wildly ahead of its time. Robert Forster stars as an apathetic cameraman forced to assess the moral role the camera plays in the modern world (when should filming the news stop and human intervention begin?) when he learns his TV employer has been leaking his footage to the FBI. Seamlessly weaving fictional footage and documentary reportage of the 1968 Democratic Convention the lines between fact and fiction dissolve. To top it all the audience itself comes under Wexler's scrutiny in a similar way that Michael Haneke has attempted with his Funny Games. Quentin Tarantino's casting of Robert Forster in Jackie Brown further demonstrats the resonance the film has.

Barbara V (nl) wrote: One of my favorite movies ever... I am a francophile, so that might explain part of it. The music is top notch. Jack Lemmon, Irma and les boules, Mustache, the sets... I love them all. When I was in Paris circa 1971 with my French cousin, a professional ballet dancer, he was taking dance classes and visiting the artists' unemployment office in Pigalle around lunch time and the prostitutes working across the street reminded me so much of Irma and her girlfriends. It seemed surreal, they were all very pretty and dressed up beautifully with ponytails, large cinched belts, tight but pretty sweaters and beautiful circle skirts. It seemed surreal watching them go with their balding, fat daytime clients... average working class guys... up to their by-the-hour hotel rooms. It did not seem ugly like here in America back then. I could watch this again and again... for the jokes, girls, dancing, and Paris.

Jan Briane A (it) wrote: Still charming after all these years, this old rom-com may just be one of the best. And while Gable and Colbert give memorable performances, it's the priceless, hilarious ending that I will forever remember it for.

Jalen S (us) wrote: I would rate this movie higher if i could. This by far has become my favorite movie of all time and needs to be seen to understand why.

Avid C (ru) wrote: It's All Gone Pete Tong has a incredible dichotomy. You go from rave scenes with large uncontrolled crowd to complete isolation. From incredible super loud techno music to silence. The man looses it all, yet finds something.The settings are captivating, the music is off the wall, the acting on spot, the scenario very interesting, the situation unusual, and the drama gripping. What more can you ask for?Well, you have to like techno music and its usual scene to appreciate fully, but it's not a prerequisite, really. The fall is very human in nature, as is the end. You'll smile, I guaranty it.Take a peak at least, and you'll finish the movie, I'm sure.

Joshua M (ru) wrote: As a kid that grew up in the 80s this was awesome. I was surprised to see Krang and the Turtle Van (garbage truck) all they needed was the blimp!I have a feeling we'll see Baxter to his full potential in the next one.