Jatts in Golmaal

Jatts in Golmaal

A gang leader looks to a simpleton to provide him with a heart transplant.

Binnu Dhillon plays a gang leader who has a heart problem. The doctor recommends him to get a new heart transplant. Unable to find any healthy donor in his gang, due to some sort of a ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nick B (jp) wrote: Ever since I was a little kid, I've always been fascinated by science fiction films that involve the known reality that we all live and breathe in today. From CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND to CHILDREN OF MEN, looking at an alternate reality of the present or near future has always fascinated me and the big question of "What if?". For that reason, LIFE TRACKER had a big impact on me because not only did it move me but it also made me ponder the philosophical questions of "Would I want to know when I die?" or "Would mankind benefit from something like this?". LIFE TRACKER is a story which takes place during the present where one man's dream and scientific study combined have unlocked our DNA code and given us the ability to see into our future and what it possibly holds for us. Questions of what diseases we might contract, injuries, who we'll have our children with, when we'll die and many more are answered through these DNA "prints". There's another incredible science fiction film that released all the way back in 1997 that you all might remember called GATTACA starring Ethan Hawke and Jude Law which was about a dystopian future where our DNA dictates how our lives will progress, what jobs we'll be fit for, what we'll most likely die of, etc. Our DNA was even alterable in the story to remove any faults but the main antagonist of the story was born naturally and defied the system to achieve his dream of space flight. This privilege was reserved only for the most elite of human specimens. The reason I bring this film up is because I almost see LIFE TRACKER as an amazing prequel story to GATTACA or an alternate and more real-life take on the subject of our own DNA affecting how we live and the decisions we make. Watching these two one after another would be an amazing experience that I'm sure I'll be doing pretty soon.The story of LIFE TRACKER is told in a documentary style where our lead character Dillon Smith (Barry Finnegan) is attempting to make a change in his life by creating a documentary in California that chronicles the birth and development of Life Tracker Limited who supply the prints to citizens based on their DNA and personal information submitted. Dillon isn't very sure of himself at first because he's left so many things unfinished in his life but his strength and drive comes from close friends that he lives in an apartment complex with. The story for the most part focuses on Dillon, his friend Scott Orenhauser (Matt Dallas) and Scott's girlfriend Bell Osbourne as we watch their relationship go through many hurdles as the documentary filming progresses. This for me was a very powerful aspect of LIFE TRACKER as firstly the three leads did an incredible job acting wise and made the predicaments very believable which I won't spoil in this review. I believed their reactions to the Life Tracker Limited prints for themselves but also surprised at the same time as while some reactions could have been very cliched, the writing never went there and that made the film very refreshing. What I love the most about LIFE TRACKER though is the attention to detail especially when it came to the political and religious implications of such a technology being unleashed on modern-day society cause lets face it, humanity isn't ready for something like that nor do I think it ever will be. All of this being told through the documentary work of Dillon as he inter-cuts news media from the internet, his own interviews with those with a particular expertise and so on. I must applaud director/writer Joe McClean and his production crew for putting together excellent material for this independent film and for making sure that no detail be missed including news footage, graphics, etc. The interviews that Dillon has with religious experts, medical professionals and just ordinary folks in the streets were terrifically executed and this was helped greatly by a very well thought out script.Once everything is said and done though, the strongest aspect that anyone would expect from a film like this is the human emotions and reactions of the lead characters which as I mentioned were very strong and believable. As I watched the film, I put myself in their shoes and thought to myself "Oh man, they shouldn't know this information!" or "I would probably react the same way." and to me those kind of films are special. This is the reason why so many larger found-footage/documentary style films of late don't work for me like PARANORMAL ACTIVITY while LIFE TRACKER does because the reactions of the characters aren't there just to serve the plot, they actually feel real and we can relate to them.LIFE TRACKER makes you think and to me there's no better kind of film. It takes the current state of humanity and mixes in this life-changing technology with results that I believe would be pretty much spot-on if Life Tracker was actual real today. From the political/financial/religious unrest to personal doubt and beliefs, LIFE TRACKER covers it all and even leads to a great conclusion that I wasn't prepared for. All of this combined makes LIFE TRACKER one of my favorite films of 2013 and I highly recommend it to everyone. Congratulations to all the cast and crew who have a bright future ahead.

Praveen A (es) wrote: Better than the previous two!!!!

David S (de) wrote: A very good thriller that has a couple trapped in the woods being hunted by kids who are jerks. As always, Michael Fassbender is great along with Kelly Reilly. Jack O'Connell also delivers a fantastic and sadistic performance. This movie is pretty straight forward and it is executed perfectly. The twist ending also stands out and makes this film even more shocking. Definitely a great watch!

Carrie B (nl) wrote: I rented this movie expecting it to be bad, but I'm unable to resist a journalism movie. I was actually pleasantly surprised by how earnest this movie is...kind of sweet. Bad, yes, but sweet too.

Jennifer S (it) wrote: A more developed chick-flick than most (plot- and character-wise), but kind of mediocre in the emotional department... I don't know, maybe it's just because I'm a bitter 23-year-old-maid, but this film didn't really do it for me. The chemistry between Jason Isaacs (as much as I love him) and Sofia Milos seemed kind of forced to me, and Emmy Rossum's character seemed rather superfluous. Don't get me wrong, the movie has its moments (most of them belonging to Jason Isaacs... the image of him tweaking the stuffed squirrel's nose will warm my heart for many years to come XD), but the whole culture-clash / tragic loss story just seemed kind of old and contrived to me.

Denise A (fr) wrote: I actually like this one.

Andy T (fr) wrote: Twisted, suspenseful, and absolutely brilliant, Alfred Hitchcock made the best film of his legendary career with a great script, beautiful cinematography, Bernard Herrman's chilling score, and Anthony Perkins's immortal performance as one of cinema's most notorious villains.

Stacie (nl) wrote: I found nothing comparable to The Last Picture Show. Chalk this up to yet another useless sequel built on the narcissistic assumption that it will ride into the sunset and enjoy the success of the first film.

Kevin C (ag) wrote: This movie was equivalent to Obama's past term = Awful

Aaron G (ca) wrote: The plot basically takes that scene from BRINGING UP BABY where Cary Grant tears the back of his pants and uses it as a jumping-off point as a "what-if" (a similar accident ends with O'Neal creating a sensation for see-through pockets in designer jeans). There's also lots of 80s fashions and a chintzy Ennio Morricone score to keep one marginally interested.

Matthew C (it) wrote: Emotionally charged and a lot of fun. Completely underrated.

Lane Z (br) wrote: The best thing Pitch Perfect has going for it is the music. It's excellent and catchy and performed incredibly well. While it may give you the inclination to get up and quote along to the many different pop songs it sprinkles throughout the film, the plot aspect lags behind.It will remind you instantly of the Bring It On franchise. It's a cliched and uninspired story featuring the outcast college freshman who ends up attracted to the outgoing good looking male counterpart who joins a crew of other misfits and blah blah blah. Anna Kendrick and company do just enough to give their characters some decent variation from the others, but sightly gags and stilted dialogue cut down the film when the musical numbers elevate it.It's entertaining and could be used a great drinking game for an outgoing group of kids, but past the excellent dance/musical numbers and a cast filled with stars and unknowns, Pitch Perfect will only satisfy when the volume's up.

Daniel W (nl) wrote: It would have been 4 stars if it wasn't for the fact that a major plot point (all the press attention, social services investigators etc) was just dropped towards the end. Otherwise, a great watch with some excellent child performers in it. And Billy Connolly!

Stephen S (br) wrote: Has some decent ideas, but mostly just recycles stuff from the other movies, and it doesn't even do that well. This is basically just a train wreck.

Paul D (nl) wrote: This movie filled me with a kind of boredom that I forgot existed. Chris Evans is a lot of things, but a good Director is NOT one of them! It had a few cute moments, but ultimately, I hated everyone in this movie.