Java Heat

Java Heat

An American in Indonesia teams up with a Muslim cop to track down a terrorist.

A action film is directed by Conor Allyn and starring Kellan Lutz, Verdi Solaiman, Mickey Rourke, follows Moslem team of inspectors uniting with an American portrays as a fresh student to find a criminal who is responsible for a serial terrorist bombing events in Indonesia. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Robby K (it) wrote: What we have here is the all too common circumstance known as "Twin films" where two movies with almost the exact same story release very close to one another. The much better film "Other People" debuted at Sundance and coincidentally so did this movie. As entertaining as the idea that Richard Jenkins and Margo Martindale produced both John Krasinski and Sharlto Copley is, it's not enough to make up for the fact that this movie is terribly written. In fact every issue that this movie has, directly correlates to an issue with the screenplay. Anna Kendrick is given nothing to do for 90% of her screen time. Sharlto Copey has some downright cringe inducing lines, and there's a certain scene where the of the characters break out into song which is supposed to be sweet and moving, but instead it comes off as strange and difficult to watch for different reasons than intended. John Krasinski also directs and while it's not necessarily a perfectly directed movie, it's certainly not badly directed either. Everyone is likable to a degree in this oddly stacked cast, and Martindale really tries her hardest to make this movie better than what it is. But the awful screenplay thatJames C. Strouse has given us is too much for this movie to overcome. And that's a shame after the brilliant work he did in 2015's "People Places Things ".

Mayank A (ca) wrote: Loved the movie, it has an interesting thought provoking story although flawed at times, also it has tons of humor and lots of awkwardness. The story revolves around kids re-interring society after a decade of being raised only by their parents. It has some superb performances, Viggo Mortensen in the lead is as always good but the real surprises are the half a dozen kids playing his sons and daughter.

Susan A (it) wrote: A lot to learn in an hour. Great bipartisan interviews and engaging graphics. If you care about America see this film!

Elisabeth J (fr) wrote: I thought that it was a great story, Although I was a bit confusing in some places. But all in all this was another amazing performance by Noomi Rapace.

Becky J (br) wrote: This is my favorite Argento film that I've seen. So... take that. Yes, there were no lesbian witches. Which was a huge plus. Actually, there was some at the beginning, but they left.

Greg W (fr) wrote: If you're attracted to movies whose charms involve recollecting simpler times, Mrs. Henderson will do nicely.

Gretchen W (au) wrote: What a dumb ass movie

Don S (br) wrote: Creepy ass bad guy in this! Normally, I don't like out-of-sequence story telling, but it totally works in this as we see all the pieces of the puzzle put together! My only "problem" is Rex - I disliked him from the beginning, and had a very hard time feeling sympathetic to his plight. And I can't believe he got in the car with the sociopath! There are so many ways he could have gone with that decision, and he chose that one? Yeesh. But, the movie is good, it ends well (though unexpectedly for me!), and well worth watching!

Jed D (nl) wrote: Star-stutted cast. Great story and some great acting.

arjay b (fr) wrote: Hunk is a retelling of the proverbial Ugly Duckling tale, only with humans, rather than ducks, epitomizing 80's trends. John Allen Nelson is not only one of the most talented actors around but also among the few actors who are believable in the part of a devil-made superhero. He was born to play a man every man wants to look like. And he is just excellent ! Deborah Shelton is so wonderful as O'Brian that you can't think of anyone else in this part. James Coco gives a brilliant performance as Dr. D and Page Moseley is fun to watch.

Keyonna N (de) wrote: we are reading this in my English 3 class so i want to read and also see the movie that was made in 2006 and 2008


Sheri M (it) wrote: Pretty good shows you can't trust anyone lol