Jävla pojkar

Jävla pojkar

Bloody Boys follows three families through three parallel stories... Birgitta decides to end her apartment lease to move in with yet another man, leaving her son, Simon, without a place to ...

Bloody Boys follows three families through three parallel stories... Birgitta decides to end her apartment lease to move in with yet another man, leaving her son, Simon, without a place to ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Gome A (ca) wrote: But funny not total waste of time but close to it ... good I didn't go to the cinema

Lia R (ru) wrote: First of all, whose bright idea was it to kill off Gilbert Blythe?! That's just WRONG. That being said, there's nothing particularly awful about this film (great scenery, solid acting), though the story is convoluted and jumps around a bit much for my taste...so long as you can get over the glaring omission of the title character herself. I don't blame Sullivan for wanting to return to magical Avonlea, but he really should've changed the names and called the film something else entirely. Even "The Continuing Story" (Part 3) was tolerable and that was only because Megan Follows and Jonathan Crombie returned as Anne and Gil (their reunion scene in war-torn Europe was nearly enough to make me forgive the film's deviation from the books). If they wanted to continue the thread from Part 3, they would've been better off with a loose adaptation of "Rilla of Ingleside", the final book of the Anne stories which focuses on her children. My single biggest problem with this story is that it re-writes history: Anne Shirley is an orphan, it's a fact that shapes her indelibly. Her parents died of fever when she was a baby and she later revisits their old home (in Anne of the Islands). Anne has no memory of her parents though she loves them dearly and subsequently names two of her children after them (Walther Cuthbert and Bertha Marilla Blythe if memory serves). She does not, as this film suggests, make up the story that she is an orphan (Walter Shirley did not indirectly kill his wife in a wagon accident and become a guilt-ridden absentee father). Anne was imaginative, yes, but she was not a liar. It's also out of character and very difficult to believe that Marilla Cuthbert would ever hide Walter Shirley's letters from Anne. As it is, this installment is Anne fan fiction minus Anne and minus the magic. Perhaps someone with lesser attachment to L.M. Montgomery's Anne Shirley Blythe can appreciate "A New Beginning". Unfortunately, I could not.

Lina (gb) wrote: A quirky and dark comedy "Just Buried" is quite fulfilling; great acting, a clever script and creepily beautiful sets...who knew there are parts of Canada that looked so...post Transylvanian...I'm opting to move ;).Oliver (Jay Baruchel) is destined for an uneventful life... until the day he and his brother Jackie breeze into town to attend the funeral of their estranged father. To everyone's bewilderment, Oliver inherits his father's estate...a funeral home, but how? Why would a never there father actually leave everything he loved to the kid he didn't give the time of day to?Well, his father Rollie (Jeremy Akerman) has always been a gambling man...he writes the names of all the significant people in his life on a make shift game show style wheel...taking it for a spin it lands on Oly's name. Hmmm. His father though is none the less convinced that Oly can bring the funeral home back to it's former glory.Not really understanding the meaning behind the thought, Oliver learns shortly after from the handyman Henry (Graham Greene) that the home is on the verge of bankruptcy. With all of this coming to pass all to suddenly Oly seeks out solace, evidently thinking to find it in Roberta (Rose Byrne), a bewitching mortician that has worked with his father for years. Unfortunately, that night his life gets increasingly complicated when he takes a drunken drive with Roberta and collides with a hiker...some angry Swiss guy. Roberta cleverly disguises the fatality as an accident, providing Oliver with his first paying customer and launching the duo on a merciless killing spree that evolves from accidental to intentional. As they scramble to stay out of jail and keep the funeral home in business, the body count rises steeply and their victims expire in increasingly bizarre and brutal "accidents", all the while trying to remain one step ahead of the local law (Roberta's father, Chief of Police Knickle, and her boyfriend, Constable Richmond)...

Andrew M (mx) wrote: The Smurfs is a funny animated film. This movie is a great family movie and is very entertaining. The movie has a great plot. I would very much suggest this movie.

Riff J (jp) wrote: Comes close at times, but in the end it strikes out.

Mike H (au) wrote: Decently cheesy and decently Campbell, but it takes too long to get anywhere.

Charles C (fr) wrote: Finally had a chance to check this out. America Ferrera plays a brilliant role in this coming-of age-film. The social dynamics between Ferrera and mother Carmen (Lupe Ontiveros), are well apparent, and the plot-line is very understandable. The dilemmas that go along with being immersed within the working class experience , coupled with the constant mother/daughter generational rift, makes for a great film. The only thing that keeps this movie from gaining supreme praise, is the lack of character development on the part of the father. Personally, I understand the dynamics within the family, but this probably made critics cringe. Overall, the pursuit of happiness while maintaining cultural roots and confidence in ones self, is on full display. Great job!

salina l (ag) wrote: this was a good move

Private U (mx) wrote: i just liked it! it was quirky/twisted/sick kind of funny... but smart!

Josh H (mx) wrote: Nothing exeptional about this movie other than the flawless casting of Crispin Glover. The rats are creepy, Glover is creepy, but there's not a whole lot to this movie. The original was pretty bad, so I thought maybe they had a lot of room for improvement, but they just didn't add much to it. Sure, it's better than the original, but that's not saying much.

Van R (ru) wrote: You know that you are in trouble when the protagonist in a World War II movie is a newspaper correspondent who is still trying to figure out why men kill each other. No, ANZIO is not a traditional big-picture acti

Bill M (fr) wrote: The fact that I survived to the end (and actually wanted to enjoy myself) is a definite sign that my camp tolerance has gone way up over the years. I absolutely would not have lasted 30 minutes 15 years ago.

King L (kr) wrote: Another action-packed 1970s style exploitation film from Robert Rodriguez. Danny Trejo is very good as the stone-faced ex-Federale, Machete, who gets framed for the attempted murder of an unscrupulous senator. The senator is part of a conspiracy between his aide, a Mexican drug lord and a racist anti-immigrant vigilante. Machete goes after them with dogged determination to bring them down. It's the first time I've ever seen Steven Seagal play a villain, he's the drug lord.

Alexandre J (au) wrote: only watched for a few minutes and wtf! but has a funny terrible movie quality