An impoverished father faces challenges and disappointments when he decides to educate his only child.

An impoverished father faces challenges and disappointments when he decides to educate his only child. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Joi G (ca) wrote: Bon petit film, si on aime les films franais. Raconte avec justesse l'incomprhension de la population juive franaise. Qu'ils sont beaux les petits franais!

Anney S (es) wrote: The movie is fun and I enjoyed it, but unfortunately, I just read the book before watching and can't help but compare/contrast (so many differences!). I preferred the book!

Anonymous W (nl) wrote: Interested in seeing the documentary work put into this, not necessarily the film itself.

Louise J (es) wrote: This film was actually pretty good. I'd never heard it before and just found it browsing love film so I didn't have high expectations for it, I thought it would be corny. But it was actually so much better than I expected. I was quite surprised at how well Lucy Lui was in this type of role too. Cute and quirky film.

Michael J (gb) wrote: 18% of my 20% rating for Sheitan was earned by Olivier Barthelemy as eye candy. I should have pressed eject when the weird inbred girl rubbed the dog's balls and sheath. This is definitely not Hollywood pablum.

Sarah H (jp) wrote: It was really funny and a little strange. I thought it was interesting what they did with the colors in the movie, a little artsy fartsy for a kid/family film.

Niek S (au) wrote: Ritt did a great job of bringing the intricate LeCarre plot to the screen: its story is clear, the brooding atmosphere just right.

Allan C (mx) wrote: Stephen King must have seen this at some point and then improved upon it when he wrote "Misery." This cheesy William Castle pictures, which included a "Fright Break" for the audience, tells the story of a homicidal caregiver for an elderly mute wheelchair-bound old woman. The caregiver torments her charge, telling her of about her killings and threatening to kill her. Like Annie in King's novel, the caregiver also has wild mood swings between sickly sweet and mentally deranged. Although this film is clearly a ripoff of Alfred Hitchcock's psycho, like most Castle films, there is something oddly compelling about this trashy film. Not a classic, but worth checking out for Castle fans.

Vincent H (es) wrote: Definitely not the first movie. A little over the top. Worth a watch on dvd or at DVDs rental price.