Jawani Diwani

Jawani Diwani

Madhu marries Ravi Anand, the son of a mere employee in her Thakur brother's household, and this results in her brother breaking all relations with her. Madhu moves in with Ravi, and his younger brother, Vijay. Years later, she gives birth to a son, and attempts to reconcile with her brother, to no avail. Then Vijay meets Neeta and both fall in love. Little does Vijay know that Neeta is none other Thakur's daughter, who has already been promised to Benny Sinha.

The exuberance of youth influences two college going lovers to edify their headstrong parents. They sing the following Panchamda songs to achieve this goal: "Jaane Jaan doodta fir ruha" "... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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