Jay and Silent Bob Go Down Under

Jay and Silent Bob Go Down Under

Filmmaker and comedian Kevin Smith returns to EPIX with an all new special, taped in front of a sell out audience in Sydney, Australia Joined by his notorious cohort Jason Mewes, this off-the-cuff uncensored hour is filled with ribald and cautionary tales about everything from Australian children's television to mythical Australian drop bears

Filmmaker and comedian Kevin Smith returns to EPIX with an all new special, taped in front of a sell out audience in Sydney, Australia. Joined by his notorious cohort Jason Mewes, this ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Leland H (ag) wrote: Every once in a while, a movie comes along that has exactly the right mixture of laughter, tears, wit, and wisdom. This is that film. What these writers and actors have created is little short of magic. In a city of size 0s, a traditionally-sized woman tries everything to feel good about herself after she's dumped by a jerk. I do mean EVERYTHING. Hysterical roles by the likes of Marissa Jaret Winokur, Gary Anthony Williams, David Arquette (swoon), Marcia Wallace, and of course, Ms. Michon herself, will have you laughing and crying non-stop. I loved this movie each of the three times I've watched it. I suspect I'll love it still when I watch it the fourth time tonight. PS: Tucker steals the show in the scenes where he kisses Ms. Michon. Everyone knows dogs make the best kissers.

Joey T (ca) wrote: The whole movie feels like you are watching an FMV sequence of a bad 3DO game. I think this would have been better as a game than a movie but it's got it's moments.

Jehangir A (ru) wrote: copy of the English movie "memento".. but amazing acting! !

Julie P (gb) wrote: I loved this...I cried and I laughed. One of hte better bollywood movies I've seen!

Walter M (ru) wrote: [font=Century Gothic][color=purple]"And Now...Ladies and Gentlemen" is about two people of different professions - Valentin Valentin(Jeremy Irons, who also played Humbert Humbert in "Lolita". What gives?), a jewel thief/master of disguise and Jane Lester(Patricia Kaas), a jazz singer - who are both suffering from the same physical malady - blackouts with an amnesia chaser. [/color][/font][font=Century Gothic][color=#800080][/color][/font] [font=Century Gothic][color=#800080]It feels like Claude LeLouch is trying to make an old-fashioned romance but cannot really decide fully on the movie he wants to make. Does he want to make a tearjerker or "To Catch a Thief"? And the movie is none too plausible. But the Moroccan scenery is certainly nice. [/color][/font]

Mike B (kr) wrote: Not funny, and really not good.

Keith C (kr) wrote: This was a very cute movie, I want to buy it.

Matthew C (au) wrote: In the wake of the Cold War and the fall of the Berlin Wall, nobody quite knew what was going to happen next or just what shape the world would take. Many movies that came out in that time dealt with our new relationship with a nation we'd been mortal enemies of for as long as most people could remember. This is one such film, teaming an semi-retired CIA agent and a former spy in an adventure into the heart of Europe and of the new order. Excellent supporting actors and strong leads make the film fairly watchable. But the story doesn't really go anywhere.

Joseph M (au) wrote: Very much ahead of its time. Perhaps timeless. Brilliant acting, music and cinematography. An gangster epic and a fantastic piece of cinema.

Dean H (de) wrote: Watching Peter's post therapy behavior at his job is extremely cathartic.

Michael K (mx) wrote: Interesting approach to Dracula's "reincarnation"

Grant S (au) wrote: Sweet little movie.The story of a domestic dog, Lady, who befriends a stray, Tramp. Cue adventures, and not a little romance...Kids will love it. Plot is fairly simple and who doesn't like talking dogs? Entertaining enough for adults too. However, lacks the substance to be a great movie. Doesn't overstay its welcome though and not a bad way to spend 75 or so minutes of your time.Decent animation and good voice casting. Peggy Lee, the singer, provides four of the voices and provides the musical highlight of the movie, The Siamese Cat Song.

Dave S (fr) wrote: I am not going to say that this was a most entertaining movie, it was not. I did find it VERY enlightening.

Shawn T (kr) wrote: There are some interesting names on that cast, but I don't know. It could be a bit too much drama for me.

ScubaSteve Walter M (ag) wrote: A memorable film of my childhood, reminds me of a lot Mcguyver.

Joshua R (au) wrote: This movie got the noir settings and the comic adaptation really well done. It really felt as a straight up comic in movement, the movie is a really dark and grim world but the characters on it are really interesting to watch, the mood and the way it flow are as good as the graphic novel, which if you had read you'll see are pretty much the same but on movement, which at the time, it was a great thing to see on screen. This movie is violent and intense but good overall.