Jayammana Maga

Jayammana Maga


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:2013
  • Language:Kannada
  • Reference:Imdb
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Jayammana Maga torrent reviews

RJ G (it) wrote: I watched this out of curiosity and needed to finish it once I started. wasn't worst film ever but probably won't remember watching it in a few months.

Mohammad H (es) wrote: What a great argument ??

Gordon B (mx) wrote: It's a pretty thorough examination of one of history's most important horror writers

Kaspar S (br) wrote: a movie about endings, sentimental and poetic, tragic and sad

jason a (kr) wrote: This a very funny and cute movie.

Alan V (br) wrote: Makes "Very Bad Things" look tame by comparison. Great use of animation and split-screen, although those sequences are kind of poorly integrated into the movie as a whole.

Pamela K (mx) wrote: I thought this movie seemed pretty accurate. I love the part where they tell you how much the drug costs to make and how much the customers actually pay per tablet. All I can say is price gouging....and it's not uncommon.

Tombbringer S (gb) wrote: this one will always have a spot in my heart!

Mark P (ca) wrote: Wonderful movie for its quirkiness and characters. If you need a strong plot and high-intensity action scenes this movie may not be for you, but if you like living with a bunch of interesting misfits, then this is the crme souffl (C).

Kevin R (es) wrote: It's a well known fact the Irish have more hemorrhoids than other peopleFather Des Spellacy is an aspiring priest with a bright future within the church. Detective Tom Spellacy is the father's brother, he has a very checkered past, and he is brought in to help solve who is behind a murdered prostitute. Somehow, each of their worlds is tied to the crime. Can they solve the mystery without bringing each other down? "Want to play carnival?""What's that?""It's when I sit on your face and you guest my weight."Ulu Grosbard, director of Falling in Love, The Deep End of the Ocean, Georgia, The Subject was Roses, and Straight Time, delivers True Confessions. The storyline for this picture is just okay and not overly well presented. The characters are interesting and the conclusion is pretty good but the script and overall plot could have been better. The acting is pretty good and the cast includes Robert DeNiro, Robert Duvall, Charles Durning, Cyril Cusack, and Kenneth McMillan."You show me a priest whose eyes twinkly all of the time and I'll show you a moron."I DVR'd this picture off a resent Robert Duvall marathon on Turner Classic Movies (TCM). This was the first time this picture has aired on TCM. It should be the last. This is far from what I would call "a classic movie." This was the first movie Duvall and DeNiro were in together (technically, they were both in Godfather 2, but they didn't have a single scene together in that picture). Overall, I found this movie a bit bland and boring. I recommend skipping this picture."I need you like I need another fuck."Grade: C

Timothy D (ca) wrote: Un film precurseur qui aborde le theme de l'homo-parentalite avec un humour qui est aujourd'hui en voie de disparition.Une prestation cultissime de Michel Serrault.Une comedie delicieuse a revoir et encore et toujours.

Jim T (jp) wrote: Fine script, acting, all

Paavo L (ag) wrote: juuri vankilasta/mielisairaalasta vapautunut mies joutuu melko pyoritykseen natsivakoojien rellestaessa toisen maailman sodan aikaisessa englannissa. hetkittain mieleen tuli hitchcockin leffat vaikka Fritz Langin omakadenjalki nakyykin paalimmaisena. hyva leffa

Sean D (ru) wrote: Hanna was great. I guess it's a film in the vein of The Bourne series, The Fugitive, and the such. It'd a chase film of different sorts. The whole plot is nuts and science fiction like and really the whole story gets turned on its head later on. This unknown aged teenager has some sweet moves and is incredibly entertaining to watch. Pretty good spylike film with plenty of coming-of-age elements, it's a slight bit boring at times, but generally very fun.

Robert B (es) wrote: The Devil's Rock (Paul Campion, 2011)2011, it turns out, was a surprisingly strong year for under-the-radar horror movies. I don't think any of them surprised me more than The Devil's Rock, a period piece that takes place just before D-Day off the coast of Normandy. That sort of thing just begs "abuse the hell out of me", but Campion (Night of the Hell Hamsters, a hilarious short you can dig up on Youtube), adapting his own story, resists the temptation by having all of the action take place in an island bunker, turning this into an interesting variation on the talk-piece. That just happens to contain the devil.Plot: D-Day is in motion. Two commandos, Ben Grogan (The World's Fastest Indian's Craig Hall) and Joe Tane (The Two Towers' Karlos Drinkwater), are sent to take out a German gun emplacement on an island off the coast of Normandy. When they get there, however, they discover that someone-or something-has done their work for them, leaving only a handful of survivors, most of those dying. The only person who seems to have gotten away relatively unscathed is Klaus Meyer (Out of the Blue's Matthew Sunderland), a Colonel in charge of a secret Nazi project-making a pact with the underworld to ensure German victory in World War II. He seems to have done a better job than anyone expected him to, but he's managed to trap the demon in the summoning circle. The problem is, the demon is very good at manipulating humans-and Ben Grogan really, really misses his wife, Helena (Samoan Wedding's Gina Varela)...This is a movie that's all about atmosphere-a small number of characters, a small number of sets, and a strong reliance on script and acting to pull it all off. It's not at all your typical horror movie, which may explain its surprisingly low ratings on IMDB (5.5) and Rotten Tomatoes (36% public, 56% critics, and that rather wide divide between public and critical reaction at RT is usually telling). As long as you go into it understanding that, I think you will have a very good time with this movie; it does a very good job with all the necessary pieces and cuts extraneous nonsense to the bone, at least after the first few sequences. Definitely worth checking out. *** 1/2