• Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1955
  • Language:Telugu,Hindi
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:folklore,  

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Jayasimha torrent reviews

Todd S (it) wrote: In recent years, the direction of female comedies has taken a turn for the better. It was always believed that a comedy, featuring a mostly female cast, would only work as a buddy comedy. No one ever thought that women would ever be able to successful pull off a raunchy comedy, until Bridesmaids came along and changed all that. For A Good Time, Call... is from the same writers and producers as Bridesmaids and may even be funnier. The story begins with Lauren (Lauren Anne Miller) being dumped by her long time fiancee. On her own, Lauren can't afford the upscale apartment she's been living in, and is forced to move in with Katie, a promiscuous, pill popping OCD, who she'd only met once before, at a party, where Katie threw up on her. At first, the hostility is off the charts, but when Lauren loses her dream job, she is forced to help Katie run her business, a phone sex line. This film is not for the faint of heart, as it is very raunchy, to the point of shocking even me, someone who thinks they've seen it all. While this may seem like a great thing, the truth is, as with most single themed comedies, the longer it goes, the less funny it gets. At first, seeing the things these girls were saying and the people they were talking to was hilarious, but after an hour of this film, it just really wasn't all the funny anymore. Both the female leads are terrific and they are the reason this film works. For A Good Time, Call... is very raunchy and very funny, but it has one centralized theme and doesn't deviate from it much at all. If not for the amazing young ladies who star in it, this film would have got tiresome a lot more quickly then it did. For a good time watch this movie, it's way out there, but some parts are truly hysterical.

Aiu N (au) wrote: For my extended Halloween ;) :)

Daniel P (au) wrote: I thought the voice of marmaduke was steve zahn. It was Owen wilson. terrible movie

Ashley V (jp) wrote: Couldn't even truly watch it, I was so bored.

urdean i (es) wrote: I did not like the story line at all..

John B (de) wrote: I thought this was a great movie. I'm disappointed it wasn't made into a series.

Jason M (mx) wrote: I rate this film 8.5/10. It is a very good, if not great movie. It is a biopic of hubris; of a tragic character that struggles with personal demons throughout his career. Well acted, well balanced, perfectly timed and perfect execution of a biopic. The plot is developed at just the right pace for it not to feel too slow or too rushed. It ends before Johnny's low years in the 70s, where he did parts on television and his creative output was low, much like what happened to Elvis during the same period. Joaquin Phoenix does well in singing quite similarly to Cash. I was never a Johnny Cash fan, but this film exemplifies his iconic influence to bridging the gap between the early rock and roll and country musical genres.

HAMLET F (nl) wrote: excellent sequel to a terrific, pulse-pounding thriller based on Biblical events. The all-star cast, terrific production values and life-changing message makes this movie worth viewing again & again.

Jose I (es) wrote: de las mejores peliculas que hay

Justin M (au) wrote: man thats a funny movie

Kevin P (br) wrote: Een op vlagen hilarische komedie die geen blad voor de mond heeft, en dankzij het spel van de acteurs er beter uitkomt dan je zou denken. Niks bijzonders verder, maar gewoon een grappig tussendoortje !